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Zebpay 2.0- Introduction of Litecoin and BCC on Zebpay

Zebpay has introduced Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash (BCC) along with Bitcoin (BTC) in the new version of Zebpay 2.0. 

As it is the leading cryptocurrency exchange, it is very important to keep evolving to remain at the top in the market. So, they hit a major milestone with the release of Zebpay 2.0 for all users. Cryptocurrencies, security enhancements, revamped design and a whole new way to trade! There’s a lot to rejoice about with this new update.

One of the core competencies is simplicity. They strive to make it very easy for the users to buy, sell and store cryptocurrencies on the platform. With the advent of new coins onto the platform, they also worked on their UI.

Here’s what’s new:

Fresh look for the home screen on Zebpay 2.0

They have updated UI for a smoother experience. The menu icon is now on the left side of the screen. From the bottom of the screen, one can toggle between wallet, trade, and history. On the top right, the currently active cryptocurrency is displayed.

Toggle between cryptocurrencies

Now, Users can switch between different cryptocurrencies by using the drop-down menu on the top right. Your trade and address screen would be based on the selection that you do here.

My address screen

After clicking on the menu icon on the left, the very first option is that of “my address”. An address will be already generated for you so you don’t have to take that extra step. The new QR code design makes social sharing easier.

Updated trade screen

The new trade screen now makes it very easy to set custom buy and sell rates. On the top of the screen, you see check the last price along with price change and volume. On the bottom, you can check your orders and see the recent trade history. You can also quickly toggle between different cryptocurrencies.

Users can update their app today to experience the new way of trading in bitcoins , litecoin and bitcoin cash.

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