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Understanding Hinduism And Its Connections With Our Daily Life

Understanding Hinduism

Understanding Hinduism and its connections with our daily life

Hinduism is more of a thought process than a religion. We will see how this thought process of Hinduism can be applied in our daily life also. When we say “mythology”, some people get offended very easily. So, what is the reason behind this offensive nature? According to a well-known expert of Hinduism thought process named “Mr.Devdutt Pattanaik”, there are two types of people. One group is of the sensitive people like ‘the princess of the pea’ and the other of not so sensitive people. The ones who don’t want to know the reality and are only comfortable with the type of things that are favorable to them cannot improve themselves and this is the type of people who get offended very easily. These people are afraid of knowledge but the Sanatana-dharma says that understand the thoughts that you are afraid of.

What is Mythology?

1. In the 19th century, the meaning of the word mythology was a bit different, it was only considered either true or false. Moreover, most of the time, mythology was considered to be a lie according to the Europeans. But, now in the 21st century, the meaning of this word has completely changed and now it means “a truth with faith”. It is not a scientific truth but it is a truth with faith.

2. Some people want that mythological books such as Mahabharata and Ramayana must be considered as history instead of being considered as Myths. But, doing so will only make them a thing of the past, but according to Hinduism, Lord Rama was in past, is there in present, and will also be there in the future also. So, one has to decide whether they have to just make all of its histories or to live with the thinking and thoughts of the Sanatana knowledge.

3. People in India do not study science and Lord Bhairava in his avatar of “Gyaan Bhairav” said that if you do not learn science, you will not be able to enhance the technology. Other countries are developing technologies like Google, Facebook, Twitter. All the Indians use them and the money is sent to the countries that developed them.

Difference between Sargun and Nirgun

1. We say that this will be India’s decade because we always want to dominate. But this thing gives rise to ego and according to Sanatana, this is animal thinking. This is not wisdom, this is ego and if you are inspired by ego then it is impossible to have growth. In India, we always talked about “Atmagyan” and this is elaborated in Mahabharata and Ramayana where Lord Rama manages according to the situation and never complaints about the difficulties. That is what Shree Krishna was watching in the Mahabharata that the Pandavs want to be like lord Rama but there are some changed that are essential for human beings to become like Lord Rama. It does not mean to have a costume or hair like them, so we should focus on the pure intentions of the Ramayana and Mahabharata.

2. For example, the story of Lord Hanuman. He helps Rama only because of his devotion, even though he does not get anything in return but he is doing this selflessly. We are worshipping Lord Hanuman because it is the ability present only in humans to help someone else without asking anything in return. Humans are the only creature to do so, these type of people are called “tapasvi” who does not want anything in return, they just want to help others. The ability to help without asking anything in return is a very difficult thing and Hanumanji doesn’t care about this thing, this shows how pure his intentions were and this is the reason why people worship him because it is the highest quality in the world.

3. In Mahabharata, there was an “Agyatvas”, in which the Pandavas have to live in disguise and Shree Krishna’s intention behind this was to make Pandavas realize the main need of the king in any empire. Yudhishtir was slapped by King Virat, Bheem was placed on a duty to cook food for others, Nakul and Sahdev were forced to work as shepherds, Arjun has to live as a female. All this was done just to built a sense of empathy towards the normal people of their kingdom.

4. A king is for the betterment of the people of their kingdom, not to make money and live a flourishing life.

5. The real war is not with weapons, it is the one that took place inside our hearts that whether to study or to pass the time playing mobile games. The thing that gives us pleasure as of now doesn’t guarantee a good life ahead. But, if we put our efforts in the right direction, it will give us fruitful results in the future. Fear of Missing Out is the real war.

6. There are two terminologies “Veer” and “Mahaveer”. Veer is the one who kills the villain, whereas Mahaveer is the one who kills the villain present inside himself. These are the real conceptual learning of Ramayana and Mahabharata instead of using Brahmastra and weapons. It is the character that is worshipped, no the power.

7. Rules have to be obeyed and they are equal for all, even for the king too. Lord Rama had shown this thing by doing Agni-Pariksha of Seeta even though he was very well aware that she is as pure as she was taken away by Ravana. Words are Sargun whereas Emotions are Nirgun.

Mythology and Mental Fitness

1. Mahabharata had six battles in it, if one can understand these battles then they will understand mental fitness too. We only know about the battle of Kurukshetra. Pandavas were born in the forest and were raised by a single mother. Then they came to know that they are princes and their father used to be the king of Hastinapur. Hence, they went there with the hope to get supported by their family.

2. But, people there do not support or respect them and see them with hatred. They got repeatedly insulted by the Kauravas (cousins of Pandavas). Then they do a lot of hard work and become the best in class in their respective talents. Seeing their talent, Kauravas feels very jealous and as a result, they put fire on the house of Pandavas, and now Pandavas went back to the forests but this time they were not orphans, they were the refugees.

3. They fought with the Asur in the forests and then they met a woman who makes them realize that every fight is not won with weapons and she helped the Pandavas. After marrying Draupadi they went back to Kauravas and asks for their areas, as a result, Khandavprastha is handed over to the Pandavas. They burnt the forest and made their residence there, the same forest that served as a shelter to them is being burnt by Pandavas and after that, they lost it in the gambling. Mental health is in the Nirgun of these stories.

How to do Mental Push-ups

1. The logic behind the Mantras is way beyond religion but people usually do not understand this thing. Focus and perspective are the push and pulls of the mind and only these two can enhance the mental ability of an individual. Mantra enables us to do focus, it is just a mental exercise. When we do chanting, it collects all our focus and brings it all together in one place. Rama and Ravana both chant the Mantras but the difference is more important, for whose benefit you are doing any work? If one is doing it for their benefit then what is the difference between you and an animal?

2. But if you can help others by the thing for which you are chanting the Mantras, then it is for reformation. Mantras can be chanted by anyone as they help to calm the mind but the thing that matters most is the intention that what is the reason for which a person calms his mind, is it for helping others or doing some wrong work.

Biggest mistake of Karna

1. Karna was a boy who was run off by his mother just after his birth. Then he somehow gets to a charioteer who adopted him and wants him to become a charioteer as well. But he refuses and wants to become a knowledgeable person. So, he went to the schools of that time but there he was told that these schools are only for the Prince and he cannot be a part of them. But he somehow managed to learn some skills and become very famous. But no one respects him.

2. The story of Shree Krishna is also similar to that of Karna but the main difference is that when people try to suppress Krishna he did not misbehave with them but in the case of Karna, he feels ashamed about himself. It all depends on the attitude how one wants to take the comments coming from people. So, one should be happy with what they got and never be ashamed of their identity.

3. The main problem in the case of Karna was his ego whereas Krishna embraces his identity. If one does not respect themselves they cannot ask others to respect them as well.

Don’ try to be like others

1. India’s greatest contribution to the world is knowledge. Still, we look at America, China, and Japan just because of their wealth. If we see someone as a role model and try to become like them, then it is not the real you. The great thing is to understand yourself and act accordingly, it will give you a huge amount of self-confidence because everyone is unique and each one of us has different needs. So, it’s better to solve our problems instead of trying to become like others.

2. Ask yourself what makes you happy and start working accordingly. Ask yourself what makes you money, learn that thing, and start making money because it is also very important to live a comfortable life. And most importantly, ask yourself how you can help others and do it without the hope of getting something in return.

Success and Energy

Energy is nothing but an idea. Both Lord Rama and Krishna are the incarnations of Lord Vishnu. All the gods are enabling us to become a better potential and reach our potential. By the medium of Rama, Lord Vishnu is passing the message to become a better person, and the same in the case of Shree Krishna also. The only difference is their positions, Rama is doing the same thing as a King whereas Krishna is doing that as a shepherd. They both were not interested in their success but in other’s success.

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