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Time Vs Man – A Short Story

time vs man

TIME Vs MAN- A Short Story

It was an old rustic room with two glass windows which had old wooden frames. The room was quite dusty with tools and waste material lying on the floor. There was a giant book shelf with few books lying haphazardly. Beside it was a cupboard, which had a big mirror towards the left. Near the door was the work station with drawing-tools and unused material. In the center of the room there lay a big table with nine models all of different sizes and colors.

The door squeaked and gritted at the hinges as it swayed open. A tall old figure with hunched shoulders, dirty glasses which were down to the edge of his nose, grey unkept hair, a thick walrus mustache and wrinkled skin walked in.

James, he was the best artist in his land. He was currently working on ten spherical models which were placed on the table. He had completed nine of them. He wanted the last one to be his best creation. He worked on it tirelessly for days. He first made land with beautiful mountains, plains, cliffs etc. Then he thought of making water bodies so he made the lakes, rivers and the mighty oceans. He then thought of adding something more, so he worked on making tiny cells. On compiling cells he knew he could make organisms. So he worked on micro organisms.

He felt that the land looked very empty so he made plants. Some extremely tall and mighty, some very short. He then decided to make animals. He made such numerous amounts of them. He got better after every animal he made and his finest was human. After toiling day after day, on the last model he finally finished it. He beamed through his dirty glasses and was extremely proud of his masterpiece. The word slipped out of his mouth was ‘EARTH’, which in his language meant PERFECT.

​The model was very different from the other models. It had land, water, plants and animals. They all lived in so much harmony. It was perfect model, every element completing the other. However, he was still not satisfied. Though there were rivers, the water never flowed. The waves on the ocean didn’t rise and fall. The trees didn’t sway, birds wouldn’t fly or chirp. Though the animals had limbs, they didn’t move and though humans had hearts they didn’t beat.

He thought really hard, what did his marvelous creation lack? He turned all the pages of the books he had. He spoke to all the brilliant minds of his time, but they all had no answer. Most of them were astonished to see his “creation”. However, he didn’t give up. He would think about it all day.

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F) Time Vs Man – A short Story

One night he was going to bed, something struck him; he found what his creation lacked! He jumped out of his bed and walked as fast as he could to the work station. That is when James gave birth to ‘Time’. His creation sprang to life. The plants started swaying, he could hear the murmur of the rivers as they glided on their course. The waves on the ocean rose and kissed the sky. The birds chirped and spread their beautiful wings as they divided into the clouds. The animals and humans made love and all creatures lived in perfect harmony. Tears of joy raced down his cheeks. Now his creation was complete.

The news of his creation traveled like wild fire. Many came to see his masterpiece. They had never seen something so complex and yet so beautiful ever in their lives. However, there were many who envied this piece of art. People tried to break into his work place to steal his creation.

Soon he realized that he had to hide it. He wished at the back oh his head that people on his land would live in complete harmony like the creatures on earth. He hid his models and they could never be found by anyone. James didn’t visit them as he was scared that someone would follow him.

time vs man

Many years passed by. He felt a strong urge to see his models. In the darkness of the night he quietly slid out of his house and went to the place where he had hid the models. He was extremely eager to see his creation after such a long time. On reaching, he put on his glasses to see his perfect model ‘Earth’. But for a moment he couldn’t recognize it. He was so shocked to see the state in which his best creation was. It was nothing like what he created. There was complete chaos, widespread poverty and hunger and no harmony at all. He couldn’t even find some of the animals he had made. They were extinct. The creatures in the earth were fighting for their very existence. The trees were ruthlessly being cut. The animals were poached and what not. Humans had created boundaries which were separating them from themselves. They were so busy that they had no time to care for their own race.

He had a big pain in his heart as he was returning home. His best creation was no longer Earth. It had completely destroyed.

This big question that kept striking him: Was it TIME that destroyed his marvelous creation or MAN?

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Written By-

Basavakiran Auradkar

Team- ItsLyf

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Time vs Man

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