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Crazy things that iPhone users hate the most

Crazy things that iPhone users hate the most

Crazy things that iPhone users hate the most.

When you buy your first iPhone it somehow becomes the best day of your life. But an iPhone there are some crazy problems which arrives with it and today, We’ll be discussing them.

If you are an Apple fanboy:

All the Apple fanboys will be able to relate to this that how important it is to get your new iPhone on the first day of the launch.So as we know never in the history of consumer electronics has any device captured the imagination of the entire world as the iPhone — just before it goes on sale. It forces loyal fans to go to crazy lengths to be the first ones to get their hands on a new iPhone. Like a pitching a tent outside your local Apple store for days on end

Connectivity Ohh what the hell..

Every iPhone user knows the feeling when they have to connect their iPhone to a new device. The cable’s quality is just pathetic and at the same time they are expensive too. Apple’s guilty of changing its iPhone charging cable too many times. And for what? Just not fair.

Headphone jack? what’s that???

When the iPhone 7 did away with the 3.5 mm audio jack, it instantly reduced all your headphones unusable. But Apple’s response? Have another cable, dear iPhone owner!

Yeah we have Apple Maps

Yeah Apple provides its own ecosystem to its users. After all you are paying a crazy amount of money for a phone so you deserves to be getting the best. But when it comes to Apple Maps they are pathetic just pathetic and at last we have to use google maps only.

Innovations by Apple

Apple launched its newest and most premium device Apple iPhone X in 2017 with the most innovative feature to unlock the device “Face Id” and they portrait it like the world is seeing such feature for the first time. Apple really?? Android phones were using this features since decades. sometimes in public places it becomes embarrassing too as people around you thinks that you are selfie maniac.

And now comes the kidney jokes

Yes, when you are a iPhone user you have to face a lot of criticism about the price of your beloved iPhone with the kidney jokes…

So these were the some things that we Apple iPhone users face in day to day life i was just a funny blog today and wanted to share it with you guys. Stay tuned for the more future blogs.

Crazy things that iPhone users hate the most.

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