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9 Real Robots

9 Real Robots

9 Real Robots

Robots are of many types such as the real robots that talk, that walks, the ones that ride bicycles, police robots, the robots which cook, a robot which knows how to drive a car, a one who can shoot you like a real terminator. There is also a robot which is able to debate on serious topics and can put its views in front of others. There are also robots that are used to paint robots, the ones who clean.

Are not you feared about them? They can even replace humans in any kind of activities and work which will increase the number of unemployed people in the whole world. So, let us take a look at some amazing robots made till yet. These are as follows :

1. The Writer Robot:

 It is more than 240 years old robot which is a small mechanical boy. It was made by a 50 years old clock maker ‘Pierre Jaquet Droz‘ in Switzerland. The Writer Robot is the best surviving automate. It consists of about 6000 refined and miniaturized moving parts when these parts move, the writer automatically starts writing on the paper. It also has a modular wheel that controls the writing process., it is also programmable because of which it is able to write any word or sentence less than 40 letters. When it takes ink from the ink pot, its head also rotates in the direction of the same.

2. Tyrannosaurus Rex Robot:

This one is 8 meters long and 3.6 meters high. The weight of this robotic animal is 38 kilograms. It is very magnificent and looks real because of its carbon fiber body. Along with that, its texture, skin folds, color and the movement of the flexible tails makes it look more real. These strong TRS_O3 model can walk easily and are also able to growl and lean down towards the audience. Its creator ‘Kazuya Kanemaru‘ is inspired by the movie Jurassic Park and he also wants to make a robotic dinosaur theme park. It can also make some moves like going to attack an individual in the audience.

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3. Tradinno Robot:

It is a monster which can blow away fire from its mouth which is very much similar to a creature in a movie Harry Potter. Its total length is 16 meter from head to tail, the width of this monster is 12 meter having a height of 8 meters. It is designed and made by an innovative company ‘Zollner Electronics‘ situated in Germany. The weight of this dragon is 11 tons. It also holds a Guinness World record of being the ‘World’s biggest remote control mechatronic‘ which can move on its four legs and can blow fire from its nose and mouth. It also has 2 wings, each 12 meter long flapping wings.

4. Alpha 1S Robot:

These small cute dancing robots are the Michael Jackson of the robotics world. Alpha 1S Robots are only 16 inches tall having a weight of 1.63 kgs. These look like they are from science fiction and they are made up of aluminum and plastic. These friendly robots have a total of 16 joints with an awesome balance and flexibility just like human beings. This is the reason that they can walk also, can punch, kick and can also dance in order to attract the audience. A company named UB Tech Robotic Company holds a record of making a huge number of robots dance i.e 1,372 units at the same time. This is just awesome.

5. Kuka Robotics:

It is referred to as a leader in the field of Robotics and Automation. They are the leading manufacturers of the robots in different fields. These robots play tennis and can beat you every time. They can even serve juice to the guests, cut marbles and do the work of a chemist sometimes. They even become surgeons and performs surgeries and ultrasounds too. They can also cut a big amount of foam in order to prepare some complex structures. They can also make 3D arts and a masterpiece. They can even play the piano and can play their own music also. These robots how to entertain people by dancing.

6. Ocean One Robot:

It is a treasure hunting robot that looks similar to a human being. It is very mysterious and can even swim in water and is able to dive too. It is developed at Stanford University. Recently, it has discovered a historical ornament which is a Vase of King Louis the 14th. This searching operation was started by Osama Khatin, a computer science professor at Stanford University and the head researcher of Ocean One project. a human operator can control this robot virtually. It can go up to a depth of 2000 meter in the Ocean. For better stability and balance, some multidimensional thrusters are present on the body of the robot.

7. Aeolus Robot:

This robot can bring up things like glasses and cups to you. It walks on its wheels and can do movements in upward and downward direction also. It roams in the whole house for security reasons and can also do cleaning tasks such as vacuuming. This robot consists of two interchangeable hands and grips along with some three-dimensional camera sensors. It is able to identify different objects and can also remember new objects too. even more, it can also identify some of the diseases of senior citizens such as heart attacks and the good thing is that it is of low cost, less than Rs. 15 lakhs.

8. RoomBots:

These modular robotic units are for adaptive and self-organizing furniture and are designed by ‘Bio Robotic Laboratory’. These robot acts like the building blocks of the furniture and works on user’s command. They attach and move away from each other in order to build the different types of furniture like stools, chairs, sofa, and tables. They can be a very good thing for senior citizens and the ones who are very lazy and don’t want to stand in any sort of time. These robot units are really helpful for such kind of people.

9. J-deite Ride:

It is a giant Japanese transformer car which can transform into a 13 feet giant robot. Three companies – Takara Tomy, Brave Robotics, and Asratec have made this transforming humanoid robot. Its transformation process took less than a minute and the process can be done even when two riders are sitting inside it. The company has decided to do mass production of this robot for consumers. The maximum speed in car mode is 60km/hour whereas it decreases to 30 km/hour when it is in robot mode. This project was designed by ‘Kenji Ishida’.

They are some of the most advanced and awesome robots of the world which have set a benchmark for the other organizations and designers who belongs to the same field. Some of them are for household purposes while some are only like a showpiece, by which any kind of personal work cannot be done.

Written By–

Vaibhav Chauhan

(Team- ItsLyf)

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9 Real Robots

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