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Physical Aesthetics in India

Physical Aesthetics in India

& Why the Indian fitness industry is a rookie in handling it!

In the middle of 1950s, Joe Weider introduced the modern system of bodybuilding and from then, that system has changed the people’s approach to fitness on a global scale. This became even more famous after the competitions of Mr.Olympia series came to existence and the movement has helped in shaping the society and the youth in particular. But is this hype too much and are we, Indians unable to understand the pros and cons of the business that is involved in this movement?

Physical Aesthetics in India

Before getting into the core, there is something which should be discussed and it is called visual perception. An important aspect in the field of psychology, the concern that people have to improve their physical appearance has drastically increased from the 21st century and it is not the models who try makeup, plays with their fashion and maintain a decent physique, every average individual indulges in it as well.

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G) Physical Aesthetics in India

The natural aspect, the human body of course occupies the dominant position, where if a person wants to be perceived as the alpha in a group, then developing their physique is the stepping stone. The best part of the trend is that this was not gender partial and both men and women were exposed to his growing movement. This phenomenon has been firmly planted in the minds of the people, by the constant importance given in movies with the actors rocking six pack abs and big arms and thereby creating the need to look like a model on instagram to get the extra likes and instantly become famous overnight.

But it seems as if the world has gone too ridiculous ever since the fitness industry has witnessed this exponential growth. All thanks to the trends that follow each year and a growing number of individual image consultants across the globe that has made this possible and this is certainly a good thing, in handling certain ground issues where rules and laws cannot accurately regulate. There has been a drastic reduction in the number of teenagers who smoke in any form and not to mention the abstinence from drugs which are on the positive side of the graph. But has the abstinence from drugs like cocaine and heroin, created a new form of addiction to anabolic steroids and did we forgot the idea of balanced diets and the knowledge about our macro and micro nutrients?

The enormous growth of protein supplements in various forms like whey protein, mass gainers, whey isolates, whey concentrates and the list goes on, is the definite evidence that any craze can end in a disaster. People have become compelled to buy such form of protein, which in most cases are good, but as we have a poor customer mindset, we forget the daily recommendations, the warnings and cautions, the list of ingredients that are used and definitely an advice from a medical practitioner. Authenticity becomes an issue as adulterants for these products are easily available in the market itself, and the hunger to compete in the market, brings in fake brands and also cause serious damage to some authentic names which may provide a genuine product. This carelessness becomes even more dangerous when people start to experiment themselves with the use of anabolic steroids and the use of creatine on a daily basis which could prove detrimental.

Physical Aesthetics in India

There are many who have sabotaged their natural health by not listening to their body’s rhythm and underestimating the innate potential of their testosterone. Anybody can become Hrithik Roshan or Thakur Anoop Singh or Prabhas or Suriya to have eye catching and jaw dropping physique if they put in the effort and gave the attention to it, but the first question that one has to ask to themselves is, is it really necessary? And the second is that, is fitness going to be a part of their life or is fitness going to be their way of life? The actors and models on screen have to maintain that body because their profession demands it but does a businessperson need that? Does a college student or a regular nine-to-five employee need that?

Most fitness centers and gyms do not provide a proper profile or a plan for the average individual who approaches a gym and the problem is this exists in the entire country. They project the images of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kai Greene, Jay Cutler and Ulisses to name a few as the goal to achieve in their fitness journey where in reality, that journey would require a lifetime and are unattainable without the use of anabolic steroids and there the pressure is introduced and the young teen is either forced or misled to the use of steroids, which is not progressive and is nothing but a modified form of drug abuse.

The concept of a balanced diet, regular physical exercise or training and the significance of macro and micro nutrients in their diet are essential and also more than enough for a regular individual who does not want to get on stage to pose and would rather want to study or do business or some other job. Prior knowledge about the products and supplements must be mandatory and should be taken from a doctor or a nutritionist, so that the fitness industry can be re-shaped to a trustworthy platform for every young mind.

Physical Aesthetics in India

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Written By–

Yuvaraj R

(Team- ItsLyf)

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Physical Aesthetics in India

Physical Aesthetics in India

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