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Part time Jobs for Students

Part time Jobs for Students

Part time Jobs for Students

We will be discussing about the part time jobs for students so as to earn some financial income. Generally, there are two types of students who look for job opportunities after class 12th. First category of students is the one who is going to college and during the college, with the help of some knowledge of the subjects or some other thing other than subjects wants to have an additional income that they can use for their college fee or to do savings and investments, basically such students fall under part time jobs category. The second category is of the students who is not willing to go for higher education and what to do a full time jobs after class 12th. Keeping in mind both the category of students we have listed some best jobs for students. There are 5 categories in which all these jobs are categorized:

1. Freelancer – As a part time jobs for students

You can work as a freelancer, now you will be thinking what does freelancer means? So, when you earn money in return of your skills then you become a freelancer. Freelancing is one of the best part time jobs for students. There can be enormous number of skills but some most common freelancing jobs are:

-Video Production

Nowadays, the industry of video production is on boom. Everywhere on social media platforms there is a huge demand of people from video production industry. There are some main works in video production that one can do after 12th class and they are described below:

a) Script Writer:

A script writer is a person who is expert in forming stories that will look good on screen. One has to make a story, based upon which a screenplay, short movie or a video can be made. Individuals with good ability of thinking and mysterious mindset are best suited for this role.

b) Video Editor:

After a short movie, episode or a play is made out of the script, there is a need of editors who can enhance the quality of video with the help of their skills. The most common software used in video editing are Adobe Premiere Pro, CyberLink PoweDirector 365, Filmora, Pinnacle Studio and many more.

c) Animator:

An animator is a person who creates a number of frames, which when played one after another form a sequence of events which is also called as animation. High level of skill is required in the field of animation as it is not an easy task. Some well known free software to do animations are Animaker, Blender, Powtoon, Pencil2D animation and many more.

d) Graphic Designer:

It is one of the best career that you can choose. Accuracy is the key in this field and one must be exceptionally creative and innovative so as to produce some masterpiece. The work of graphic designer is to convey the ideas and thoughts or the motive to the audience through graphics. Some best software are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Inkscape, CorelDraw etc.

e) Audio Specialist:

Audio Specialist is the person who is responsible for the audio part in the field of video production. They must know how to use audio equipment in order to generate best possible outcome. They have great knowledge about sounds and music.

2. Technology – As a part time jobs for students

In today’s world, technology is transforming the daily life of every human being. From mobile phones to washing machines, cars to inverters everything has developed with some technology. Some part of tech fields that doesn’t requires a degree and a student can also start them after 12th are as follows:

a) App Developer:

We all use smartphones and the main power of smartphones are applications. Whether it be social media apps or banking apps, each of us who uses smartphone is using these applications also. One can also get into the field of app development by learning some relevant skills such as a programming language like Kotlin or java or C++ (for android) and Swift (for ios devices), some software like Android Studio and others are beneficial to lower down the human efforts in app development.

b) Web Developer:

Similar to applications, each and every organization, enterprise can not have their own apps because storage problem in devices will occur if there will be a separate application for each and every organization, So, we use websites, these are the collections of webpages that are accessible over the internet by the medium of World Wide Web. Skills like HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and a database like MongoDB or MySQL are needed.

c) User Interface Designer:

All the apps and websites that we used are pretty easy to use and they also looks good, this is because of a good user interface design. UI designing means the placement of buttons, symbols, images and the color scheme used in the website or applications. User Interface Designing is the first step before starting developing the websites or the applications.

d) Smart Engine Optimization:

We all know that Google is the world’s largest search engine. The technique of search engine optimization is essential to place the website or content on the initial pages of the search engine. This is the best and most common part time jobs for students. As there is a tough competition in marker, everyone want to become superior than their competitors and appear on the first search result, hence the people who know search engine optimization are in great demand.

3) Transcribing and Copywriting

1. Copywriting is basically a written content that increases brand awareness and ultimately persuade the audience to take an action which is beneficial for the brand. It is way different than content writing as the purpose of copywriting is mainly for sales, advertising and promotional things.

2. Transcription is the process to convert audio into written or text format. There are mainly three types of transcription: verbative, edited, intelligent transcription. Example: the subtitles in the video is a type of transcription also.

4) Government Jobs

It means to become a government servant that is getting a job in a department or any organization that is in direct control of the government of state or country. This type of job is the safest job as it has full job security. Also, people want to get a government job because after getting retirement they get the provision of pension using which they can fulfill basic requirements of living even after quitting the job. It may be noted that some specific years of service is required to become eligible of pension scheme that differs from department to department.

1. For the government jobs mentioned above, there are some criteria that one should fulfill in order to get selected. These criteria varies from one job position to another. But, the most common thing in these jobs is that there exist an entrance test that can be a test of physical abilities (in case of armed forces) or problem solving (in case of others).

2. NDA is the most superior of them all. As after clearing the written and physical exam, one undergoes the training session and after the training the first posting is officer level and a huge respect is given to the cadets who clear NDA exams.

SSC stands for Staff Selection Commission and it is the committee responsible for the recruitment of candidates for various posts in government offices. MTS means multi-tasking staff and it is the tier-3 job. For stenographer post, one must have good typing skills with approximately 40 words per minute of speed.

3. Indian Coast Guard and Security Forces such as CRPF, NDRF requires the physical fitness of the candidates and selection procedure includes race, long jump, high jump any many other physical activities. It may be noted that people with problems like knock knees and bow legs are not allowed to go further in the physical round. A medical test is also done after clearing the physical round.

5) Others

a) Home Tuitions:

It means the teacher that provides classes to the students at their home. As the pandemic situation is going on so nobody wants to be at the place where a large number of students study at a time and as a result, coaching centers are closed and everything shifted to online. But, the level of understanding in online classes is not as expected. Hence students are looking forward to having a home tutor who can elaborate them the subjective concepts. One can earn a handsome amount of money by providing the facility of home tuitions.

b) Tourism Guide:

A tourist guide is a person who helps tourists to discover the tourist places in a better way by elaborating the history and the stories behind the places. This part time job for students increases the level of understanding, as well as many languages, can be learned in this career to attract more and more tourists towards them and help them understand the places in a good manner.

c) Insurance Agent:

The main work of an insurance agent is to sell the products of the insurance company to the customers and as a reward, they get some percentage of commission based upon the product they sold. This type of part time job requires good conversational skills and the income is not fixed that is it solely depends on the number of products the agent has sold.

d) Property Dealing:

This is also commission-based work. In this, you are supposed to keep a track of the properties in your area that are marked as “for rent” or “for sale” and then find an appropriate customer of it and after that meeting the owner of that property. In return, some percentage of commission is provided to you, in some cases, it is from both the seller and the buyer but in some cases, it can be one-sided commission also.

Part time Jobs for Students
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