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Paper Bottles: Eco-Friendly Bottles Market to the Rescue to Keep the Environment Clean

Today, we fight a crucial battle against plastic pollution. We have technologies capable enough to suppress air pollution and clear water pollution. However, we still lack behind when comes to treat plastic. The major reason that accelerates plastic pollution is the large-scale manufacturing of plastic bottles for packaged drinking water and other beverages. This has led to a distinctive eco-friendly bottles market to exist from a global perspective.

Over a period of time, scientists have come up with various solutions that can minimize the pollution created by plastic bottles. Somehow, these efforts were not sufficient enough to stop plastic to pollute the environment. In other words, the trends have changed to find realistic, original, and attractive solutions rather than just finding an “eco-friendly” solution.

The hunt led to the development of paper bottles in the eco-friendly bottles market that can meet both demands of the customers and necessity of a truly eco-friendly solution to challenge the alarming increase in plastic pollution. The development of such eco-friendly water bottles aims to minimize the plastic waste and empowers producers and consumers to take better decisions to save the environment. These water bottles are called real eco-friendly for a reason. They are made from the pulp of trees like pine, sugarcane, and spruce.

Ensuring Environmental Safety with Paper Water Bottles in the Eco-friendly Bottles Market

 Paper water bottles are excellent examples of pulp packaging integrated with best-in-class consumer insights, strategic assessment, technical advancements, engineering and pinch of creativity. The products are developed by the combination of plant-based fibers to offer optimal user-functionalities. Such advantages are a prime reason driving growth in the global eco-friendly bottles market.

 Multiple products of these eco-friendly water bottles can be used for branding, promotion, showcasing the manufacturing efficiencies, and most importantly awareness towards critical environmental conditions. Various patents across the globe for paper bottles manufacturing in the global eco-friendly bottles market can help these eco-friendly products to replace the traditional plastic water bottles over the period of time.

Looking at the figures, the paper water bottles are addressing more than 80 billion plastic water bottles that are being produced every year. Out of these, approximately 75% ends up in landfills or ocean beds. Well, it is noticeable that these plastic water bottles take approximately 800 years to decompose. So, a water bottle that as efficient as the usual plastic bottle and gets decomposed when left unused in quite less amount of time surely is a truly eco-friendly solution till date.

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