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Online Live Classes- A revolution in Online CAT Preparation

Online CAT Preparation

Planning for MBA from IIMs?

Want to prepare online for CAT??

Well online CAT preparation is the next best thing if you are a working professional or a college going student who wants to prepare from the Best Faculty Panel while reducing various costs like High Tuition Fees, Relocation Cost, and Travelling Costs etc.

BEWARE!!! Of the fact that Online Live Sessions and getting a Recorded lectures are two different things…

Difference between Recorded Lectures and Online Live Sessions-

Well, from student’s perspective, there is no such difference between recorded video lectures and online. But, if you think about it practically then you will notice the following differences.

1. Recorded is recorded- Let’s take an example. You have opened up an entrance exam prep institute and are now paying high salaries to your faculty pool that are from Tier-1 B-Schools of the country for classroom courses. Now, think you have asked them to record the concept videos (paying them extra for such video content) and are distributing it among students.

Now think from this perspective. Will these recorded lectures be updated every year?

The simple answer to this question is NO. No one will pay extra every year for updated content.

That’s where Online Live sessions come into play. With each Live Class, these sessions will get automatically recorded and will be updated every time you take a class. This means, if you are preparing for CAT-20, then you will get the updated content for CAT-20 only and not some old recorded content (say CAT-2015 or so).

2. The classes are held generally during the night time in a time frame of 8 PM to 12AM. This will help you in attending classes after your office or college hours.

3. Regularity will help you in maintaining a disciplined preparation process.

4. Cost Effective- various costs like High Tuition Fees, Relocation Cost, and Travelling Costs etc. is reduced if you prepare online.


5. Regular Updates on B-School Notification- While being busy during the day, the main issue that an aspirant faces is that he/she might miss some important notification related to B-School Application Forms, their dates, eligibility criteria etc. This can be sorted out with the help of an institute that you will be joining for Online CAT Preparation.


6. Doubt Solving- You can clear your doubts that occur during your CAT Preparation through various 24×7 doubt clearing facilities that an institute will provide.


NOTE- While deciding an institute, you must keep in mind the above pointers. In addition to that, try to find the faculty pool that will be teaching you for CAT and OMET.

FundaMakers is launching their Online Live Class Batch from 15th Feb 2020. You can attend free demo sessions to know your Faculty Pool and their pedagogy of teaching.

To register for free demo, contact: 9598333344/ 0522- 4236636


For FREE 24×7 doubt clearing and content follow FundaMakers at:

Fundamakers- CAT Prep: Facebook, Instagram

Online CAT Preparation

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