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Ten things to keep in mind to be stress-free this monsoon

Ten things to keep in mind to be stress-free this monsoon

Although, it’s already half-way through the monsoon in many parts of India, but still some insight into the great art of having a stress-free and spot-free monsoon should never be declined.

Coming back to monsoon, this is the season that could be wonderful or horrible, depending on how you deal with it.

Here is the list of TEN ways by which you could have an awesome monsoon. These are as follows:

1. Always keep an umbrella/raincoat with you while going outside: Although this is trivial information, but can’t stress on this one enough. I would advice to keep an extra umbrella/raincoat, in case you end up misplacing the first one or to help someone else in need. (A little kindness never hurt anyone)

2. Treat yourself with a coffee (or any hot-beverage): Do this to avoid any adverse impact of monsoon, namely cold, sneezes, headache and never ending-list (:P)

3. Essentials to be kept in your handbag at all times: A medium-sized towel, allergy medicines, dry pair of socks, an extra mobile-phone,

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4. Do not forget to take a shower right after getting wet in the rain:  This ensures stabilizing your body-temperature and keeps you away from all the illnesses.

5. Check the weather forecasts before leaving home and keep yourself updated with all the warnings circulating around.

6. Do not wear slippers or heels: If you’re wearing shoes, you have to take them off as soon as possible and change into dry pair of socks right away. Always wear something, you don’t mind destroying. Crocs can be the best option. Just keep in mind, to wear something with traction to not be slippery and something that’s not entirely packed like shoes.

7. Keeps extra stock of groceries at home: So you don’t starve when there’s raining and you can’t go out.

8. Pay extra attention to the quality of water you’re drinking: Water-borne infections are wide-spread during rains. This will also save you from all the stomach-related issues.

9. Do not wear white bottoms/pants: It’ll be like murdering them. Also do not wear flowy dresses or long shrugs. They can be a huge fashion disaster during rains. It’s better to wear layered clothing as temperature tends to go low during rains.

10. If you’re traveling during this season, be prepared of some delays or even cancellations. I would advice to keep calm during such situations. As things tend to sort out for everyone gradually. If you have to be somewhere urgently, do not plan to travel just a day before as it could be hampered by rains. Always keep a window of two days as a buffer period for traveling during monsoons.

That’s it, folks. Have a Happy Monsoon!

Do share your real life Monsoon Experiences and stories in the Comment box down below and suggest some Monsoon Hacks by which we can enjoy it more often Spot-free and Stress-free.

Written By-
Sakshi Nagori


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