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Adolf Hitler, A Fuhrer or an Evil Dictator? Mein Kampf Reviews

Mein Kamp Reviews

Adolf Hitler, A Fuhrer or an evil dictator?

(An unbiased Mein Kampf Reviews)


A revolutionary, a demagogue and a politician, this is what Wikipedia says. But is Adolf Hitler, the devil with the short mustache like everyone fear or was he more than that? For that let us breakdown and analyze his views from his autobiography.

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The son of a civil servant, Adolf Hitler never wanted to become a civil servant like his father. He believed that nothing comes for free, never liked the routine and easy life and had a resolute vision of a self-made man who would seldom fail in his road to success.

“One learns history in order to be able to apply its lessons to the present time and whosoever fails to do these cannot pretend to be a political leader.”

APJ Abdul Kalam said, “One best book is equal to hundred good friends” and Hitler had the same opinion with a keen interest to general History and of course Politics. With the typical Nationalist mindset, he had a broad spectrum of the future of Germany unlike the modern social democrats of the 21st century. He wanted to make the German state a complete nation which would not disintegrate into small states at times of war, had the vision to implant the feeling of German nationalism into the minds of the people and to build up a nation which would not bow down to any other nation at all costs. A broad vision for the future would definitely need a proper plan and propaganda to carry on the ideas in the upcoming years and from Hitler’s point of view, Germany needed a Weltanschauung, for without the ideology incorporated with the sense of nationalism deeply rooted in the minds of the people, an independent nation would be unattainable.

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As a soldier of the First World War, he had a lack of trust about the concept of Social Democracy as the soldier from the battlefield was treated like a stray dog and the lazy democrat who ranted from a safe corner was glorified as the savior and also found that one man chosen through elections would be able to change the whole progress of the country quite amusing.

Hitler hated communism, even though his actions and thoughts seems contradictory in reality, perhaps the true reason was Karl Marx himself and that Marx was a Jew and there arose the sadistic side of the German to exterminate the Jew. This would prove devastating for the nation and the people in the eyes of the world and leave a wound unhealed for centuries to come.

“One must never judge the speech of the statesman to his people by the impression which it leaves on the mind of a university professor but by the effects it produces on the people.”

The early days of the Labour party could very well be compared to every entrepreneur who has started from the scratch. But the nationalist feeling proved to be a useful catalyst and the success of the party was exponential. It wasn’t Hitler alone who became successful with the propaganda but the entire nation flourished. The nation resurrected from the First World War and caught the eyes of the world powers in spite of the huge debts inflicted. Hitler the orator should never be underestimated. It would need great deal of knowledge and the skill to persuade the people to turn a hostile crowd to his side. The power of speech was as equally persuasive as the might of the pen and Hitler capitalized. Soon the Labour party which was started in the cafes with only a few old war soldiers soon became one of the most organized socialist groups in history.

“A man who fights only for his own existence has not much left over for the service of the community.”

Despite of the war atrocities Hitler has committed, the Holocaust for instance, his love for the German blood never faded. Even at the edge of defeat, Hitler blindly trusted that even a teenage boy would have the courage to pull off a victory for the homeland. It may seem absurd but one can strongly say that it was not out of desperation but of sheer belief.

It has been a hard thing for people to accept their mistakes and we rarely have the room to self-criticize. But the irony is that we paint a person with bad impressions and lack the tendency to stand up against injustice if an oppressive force is used simultaneously. So judging the German revolutionary is rested in the hands of the reader.

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Mein Kampf Reviews

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