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Do you love what you do!

Inspirational story for students

Do you love what you do?

( Inspirational story for students )

A few decades ago, formal education was limited to a small percentage of population. Even opportunities for exceptional growth were limited to a small number of people. We all agree that informal learning does happen without us being conscious of it. This is the most natural way of learning and this keeps happening throughout our life and to a great extent stress free. This model may not be highly productive as it involves a lot of trial and error and is time consuming.

With changing times to reach well defined goals on timelines, formal systems are helpful. Designed learning platforms have been the order of the day. Such platforms are well researched, tested and are being constantly upgraded both in methods and deliverables. The result of this is the rise of formal educational platforms.

Our country in the last two to three decades has seen great progress in literacy, growth in the number of formal institutions and increase in career opportunities. Entrepreneurship is on the rise. Our youngsters are growing big at global levels. The effect of this is 2-pronged. One – feeling strong and positive so that the student has lot of options to choose from and succeed. Two – since the options are too many, there can be lot of confusion on what to choose and which field offers faster growth and which field offers long-term sustenance and so on. In this process, both due to competition and because of the expansive knowledge systems, the effort to be put by a student appears formidable. Typically a student feels the bulk of the syllabus, difficulty in learning, getting switched off, sometimes starts disliking and gives up. On the contrary, if a student finds the trick of enjoying what he learns, he succeeds. If the student should really enjoy, he should love the subject first.

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Here is a story which brings out this idea beautifully.
There was a little girl of about 10 years who lived in the valley near a hill. She lived in a small house with her parents and a younger brother. This little girl loved exploring. Most of the time, after she came back from her school, she would set off to climb the hill. Each time, she would try a different route to get on to the top of the hill. One such day during her exploration, as she neared the top of the hill, she saw an old lady sitting on the porch of a house, cutting some vegetables. In front of the old lady were about 4 – 5 children who appeared spellbound enjoying what the old lady was narrating. A small kid came running towards the little girl and said “Come soon, come soon, Ajji has just started telling us the story.” The little girl ran and sat with the other children and Ajji restarted narrating the story. The little girl loved listening to Ajji’s story.

Listening to Ajji’s stories became a routine. Everyday, she would wait to get back from school, get ready and run up the hill to listen to the stories.

One day, as she was getting ready to go to Ajji’s house, her brother who was about 4 years old, asked her if he too could go with her. She was excited to take her brother and make him listen to Ajji’s story. She took him in her arms and was about to leave the house when her mother said “Are you going to climb the hill carrying your brother? He is not a baby anymore, he weighs a lot! I, myself find it difficult to carry him up the hill, how can you ever do that? Don’t think it is as easy as carrying your school bag!”. The little girl said, “Amma, I love going to Ajji’s house to listen to the stories. You know I do it everyday. Carrying my little brother up the hill is no big deal for me because I love him and he is definitely fun to be with! I like carrying him and I will never feel he is heavy. Don’t worry!!” Saying this, she ran to Ajji’s house with her little brother in her arms.

As a student, if you love what you do – say learning science or commerce or anything, like the little girl who loved her brother, you will never feel the weight. You will do everything effortlessly. Do what you love and love what you do..

Written By-

Basavakiran Auradkar

Team- ItsLyf

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Do you love what you do? ( Inspirational story for students )

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