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12 Incredible Bridges in the World

Incredible Bridges in the World

12 Incredible Bridges in the World

‘Bridge is basically referred to the structures having a road, path, railway etc across a river, road or other obstacles like canopies’. Bridges allow safe passage over it which was not possible or much difficult before the bridge was built.

Here’s the list of the most Incredible Bridges in the World, which are as follows:

1. Banpo Bridge, Korea:-

This bridge is most famous for its rainbow fountain which runs along 570 meters of its length on both sides. It composed of 380 jets of water which spray water and hundreds of thousands of LED lights. This bridge illuminates spectacular multicolor water jets which are synchronized to music. During the daytime, the water is collected for these spray jets.

2. Devil’s Bridge, Germany:-

This stunning stone bridge was made in 1860. It has a miraculous arched form which was very difficult to construct and very expensive too. The bridge is designed to be in the shape of perfect semi-circle so that the illusion in water appears to be a perfect circle along with the actual bridge.

3. Canopy Walk, Ghana:-

The Kakum National Park in the Ghana region is extraordinarily rich and is one of the most bio-diverse areas in the whole region. It has a 300-meter long canopy walkway which connects many points of the national park. Positioned at 150 meters above the canopy floor, it is a great example of architecture. Visitors can expect to see huge varieties of tropical birds here.

4. Oresund Bridge, Sweden:

With a total length of 7845 meters, this bridge connects Denmark’s capital with that of Sweden. With a raised central section to accommodate sea traffic, this bridge is quite different to look at. Its construction was done by the economy of both Denmark and Copenhagen. This bridge was built, keeping in mind the sea traffic as well as the road traffic.

5. Rolling Bridge, England:-

This 12-meter bridge located in London connects low line pass of the river which helps to access nearby buildings and offices. Designed by a very experienced architect, this bridge has the ability to get folded whenever it is needed. It may be noted that the process of folding of this bridge is done by using a very strong hydraulic system.

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6. Slauerhoffbrug, Netherlands:

This bridge is another extraordinary example of a moving bridge. This bridge in the Netherlands is actually nicknamed as ‘The Flying Bridge‘ because of its ability to be moved from the actual position whenever it is required to do so.  It actually opens up in order to help with the river traffic. Generally, this bridge gets raised in the air from its actual position 10 times a day.

7. The Millau Viaduct, France:-

This amazing bridge is widely considered to be one of the world’s finest as well as the tallest bridge with a height of 350 meters above the ground level. It is still higher than the Eiffel Tower which is 324 meters high. With a total length of almost 2400 meters, this award-winning structure was built by both British and French architects over a time period of 3 years.

8. Akashi – Kaikyo, Japan:-

This extremely beautiful bridge, situated in Japan is the world’s largest expansion bridge with a total length of 3911 meters. Finished in 1998, after a 12 year built period, this bridge had met the unique demands of Japan’s frequent earthquake as well as strong water-storms. 2 million workers worked on this bridge which is made up of 1,810,000 tonnes of steel.

9. Golden Gate Bridge, USA:-

This bridge is an internationally recognized symbol of the USA and is one of the most important architecture in the world. It was open in 1937 with a total length of 1300 meters. It was the largest expansion bridge in the world until 1964. This bridge is situated in an Earthquake zone and it is an example of excellent engineering as well as beauty.

10. Living Root Bridges, India:-

Cherrapunji in northeastern India is one of the wildest places on the earth and have an extraordinary tree. This tree has the ability to spread its roots over a very wide range of area, enabling it to take the roots over the top of large borders on the river banks. The community living there identifies this extraordinary features of this tree. By cleverly guiding the roots when the tree is young, a bridge can be made which allows people to safely cross the area in much less time. Some of these bridges are over 100 foot long and can take 10 to 15 years to establish.

11. Lego Bridge, Germany:-

This quirky bridge is fortunately not created by giant plastics bricks but is instead a concrete bridge which is painted by a street painter. The total 250 sq. meter of the area was painted in 13 days after the project was officially declared by the respective authorities. When the painter was asked about the idea of this painting, he simply replied, “My daughter plays with Lego Bricks”.

12. Duge Bridge, China:

In this modern era, building a huge and very top class bridge is possible which seems like next to no supports. “China has taken the crown of engineering and developed world’s most impressive bridges and now hold the title for both world’s longest and tallest bridges”. It is the only bridge to touch the height of 500 meters and is actually located at 565 meters above the ground level.

All the above-mentioned bridge are the beautiful masterpiece if the architects from all over the world and are amongst the most incredible man-made creatures that exist on earth. Their beauty also attracts tourists towards them and this is the region that people from all over the world reach to see them at the respective locations. The features that these bridges have are really extraordinary and miserable to see.

Written By–

Vaibhav Chauhan

(Team- ItsLyf)

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12 Incredible Bridges in the World

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