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Importance of Sports and Fitness

Importance of Sports and Fitness

Importance of Sports and Fitness

We all are familiar with both the terms ‘Sports‘ and ‘Fitness‘. Sports play a very vital role in our life as it keeps us active and healthy. We all have heard that “A healthy mind needs a healthy body” which means that we can have a healthy mind if and only if we have a healthy body. Playing a sport is a great kind of workout as it increases the cardiovascular functioning and hence decreases the risk of chokes and heart attacks and also sports helps the individuals to maintain a healthy weight.

Playing sport is for sure the best way to improve health and to be fit. It seems difficult for people to have a long run on a treadmill or doing gym but chasing a ball while playing football is a sort of fun to all of us. Sports not only helps to maintain a healthy body weight but it also has several other benefits such as: it improves flexibility, stamina, helps to strengthen the bones and many more.

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Sports can help an individual to cope-up with anxiety and depression as if a person suffering from depression is engaged in activities like sports, then all his/her time will pass concentrating on the tricks and techniques of the game and thus there is a big chance that the person can live a better life by coming out of depression. There are many games that help in increasing the concentrating power of an individual of which, Chess is the most common example. By the means of sports, people with interest in the same fields become friends and hence the social circle of an individual also increases.

In simple words, we can say that “If a person is sporty then it is more likely that the person is having a healthy lifestyle“. Sports also teaches one that how to take both success and failure in a same positive way and make them the stepping stone of their career. Scientifically, sports also help in increasing lean body mass by burning more calories and excess fat stored at various parts of the body. All kind of sports and physical activities helps an individual to be healthy and fit irrespective of the fact that how good he/she is at playing that game, it will always lead you to be fit and healthy.

As we all know that being good at sports is a strong social asset for children and that kind of children also have a good personality than those who are not indulged in sports activities. Great achievement can only be achieved in life when a person is mentally and physically fit. Not only for children but many surveys and studies have cleared the fact that senior citizens who have played various kind of sports in their childhood have less cardiovascular problems as compared to the group of others. The coordination of various body parts is also developed in a great manner by playing specific types of games such as playing volleyball and table tennis increases hand-eye coordination. Although the brain is also developed because of the procedure of fast thinking involved in the games. Playing sports also decreases the risk of osteoporosis and prevents bone loss at higher age levels.

Benefits of Sports:

1. Controls weight.
2. Reduces the risk of Cardiovascular diseases.
3. Develops Leadership Quality.
4. Strengthen bones and muscles.
5. Improves Mental health and Mood.
6. Develops the quality of Teamwork.

Some benefits of playing sports are discussed briefly below:

1. Controls Weight: Playing sports have an individual to control weight as the extra calories and the fat stored in the body in the form of ‘Adipose Tissues’ is used in order to gain energy for the body to work. This is the reason that the children who are not involved in any kind of sports activities are more prone to be Obsessed.

2. Reduces the risk of Cardiovascular diseases: In sports, as the heart is required to pump at a fast rate so, in order to fulfill the quantity of oxygen required by our body, the oxygen intake increases and the lungs become more able to complete the required amount of oxygen. As a result, the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as chokes and heart attacks reduces to a great extent.

3. Develops Leadership Quality: By playing games and sports, the quality of leadership amongst an individual is developed due to which a self-confidence blooms up in an individual which gives more courage and esteem to complete the task.

So, we can conclude that playing sports can help an individual in various aspects of life like it brings up a new level of confidence in an individual by enhancing the body physique and shape of the body. It also helps to develop a quality of teamwork which is very important in the various aspects of life. Our bones and muscles also get strengthened by the means of sports.

Tell us your favorite Sport which helps in keeping your body fit. Also share your Fitness Secrets and Exercises in Comment Box down below.

Written By–

Vaibhav Chauhan

(Team- ItsLyf)

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Importance of Sports and Fitness

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