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How to appear for Group Discussion

  • How to appear for Group Discussion

Hello Guys what’s up. Today in this post, we are going to tell you some tips for How to Appear for Group Discussion (GDs).
GDs or Group Discussion is a very crucial part in every recruitment process for a long time. Almost every company’s recruitment process involves group discussion and selection percentage is generally 10-20%. This process allows the company to obtain the cream from any batch of interviewees. So guys here are some tips regarding how you can perform well in GDs.

What is a GD and types of topics asked in GDs ?
A GD or Group Discussion is a forum where people sit together and place discussion on the issue given to them. The types of topics are asked in GDs are generally case studies based, general awareness based, abstract based etc.
In case studies based topics, some sort of hypothetical case studies are given for example, survival in forest, any company’s financial prospects, etc. which test your logical understanding and team member skills
In general awareness based topics, any trending topic would be asked, for example demonetization, trade war, impact of G20 on economy of India, any political move, recent SC/ST law judgment etc. which tests your general awareness and how much you are updated.
In abstract based GDs, any statement would be given like whether Education is directly correlated with success, is our country ready for Digital transactions etc which tests your thinking process and your uniqueness.

Tips for Appearing in GDs ?
Tips which we are sharing here are from our personal experiences and would vary from person to person. These tips do not guarantee success but will surely help you in increasing the chances of selection.

#Tip 1 – Study a lot
General awareness based GDs are generally more in trend and there is high chance of asking such topics. So first, STUDY WELL. Keep yourself updated regarding what is going around you, the recent economic decisions, any national or international debate, recent major change in any law, identify the hot trending topics, any controversial topics going on. You cannot predict what they will ask you in the GD. So study as much as possible.

#Tip 2 – Don’t Panic and stay confident
Always stay calm during the GDs. Do not rush on anything, show your confidence in discussion. Be well dressed, take a sip of water before start of GD, don’t show your nervousness out there. Even if you are not confident from inside, always put a confident smile and listening attitude on your face.

#Tip 3 – Write before you speak and try to initiate the discussion
After the topic is given, candidates are given 3-5 minutes to write there points on notepad before start of discussion. Do write some points on it. When the discussion starts, try to initiate the topic. But remember don’t get aggressive. Always start with explaining the topic what it has been asked and say “I would like to say that” or “In my point of view”. This actually puts some positive impression on the interviewers. But initiating the discussion is not that important, you still have lot of chances to speak. Sometimes it happens that you don’t know much about the topic, in such case don’t get panic. Be a patient listener and listen what others are saying so that you can gear up some knowledge on the topic.

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#Tip 4 – Do speak in GD and things you should keep in mind while speaking
If you don’t get a chance there to speak, it’s your fault not others. You have to grab your chance to speak, others are not going to spare you. But remember, don’t get aggressive or complain. And when you get the chance, speak out the whole you wanna say there but don’t keep in too long. Do try to bring some new points in the discussion. Speak out clearly and not in haphazard manner. And when you speak, you should direct to everyone and not to a single person. Don’t look at the interviewers. If you think someone has said something wrong, always say like “Dear fellow, in my point of view” or “You might be right on your approach but what I think is”. In this way you will not offend anyone and say your point. Don’t be loud and speak in a very very calm manner.

#Tip 5 – Be a good leader, try to be a good administrator but don’t be a true supporter
Try to maintain the decorum of the GD. Before start, you can say “Dear fellows, we should maintain the decorum and not rush in everything, let everybody give a chance and don’t make a mess of the discussion”. This shows your leadership skills and put a very good impression. After you have spoken on the topic, try to give the chance who are not able to speak in GD. Do support if you agree with someone views by saying that “I think my fellow has rightly said and I would like to add that”. Don’t be a true supporter but company wants the leader not just a follower. If you just end up saying that “I think you are very much right and I totally agree with you”, don’t even think you have said something and is not going to help you.

#Tip 6 – Never point out someone and try to go with the group
You can refer someone for starting your discussion like I said in #Tip 4 but you should always address your points to everyone. There should be no one to one discussion and you should eye on everyone. In case study based GDs, the group is asked to come on a conclusion. In such, try to put your points in a very convincing manner but still if the group doesn’t agrees with you, accept and don’t be stubborn.

#Tip 7 – Write the important points coming out of discussion
Do write the points which you didn’t know earlier. Try to find a gap and write the important points of discussion. These gonna help in you in 2 ways, firstly it will show that you are a good listener and secondly it will help you in summarising the discussion (Refer Tip No. 8).

#Tip 8 – Summarise the discussion
The GDs generally goes for around 20 minutes. After that, the interviewers ask the candidates to summarise the discussion one by one. Always remember, don’t put any new point in the conclusion. Give your final understanding and decision but never introduce new facts. The points what you have written (Refer Tip 7) will help you in making your closing statement. Don’t interrupt others during the process, listen others well because now discussion is over and conclusion has started.

So guys these are some tips which you can follow for preparing and presenting yourself in GDs. All the best guys and Rock the GD.

These tips are shared from our personal experience. It can help you but doesn’t guarantee your selection. The tips could vary from person to person.

Feel free to share your views in comment box or mail us at

-CA Sparsh Bansal (Team Itslyf)

How to Appear for Group Discussion

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