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12 Habits Of Highly Productive People



Have you ever wondered how successful people become successful? How they manage things efficiently? What makes them stand apart from the crowd? What is that key to success? What makes them different, unique and special?

Successful people never blame their fate. They rewrite their fate and make it work. To achieve anything and everything you need to get into a routine.

Here are 12 habits of highly productive people:-

1) They plan:


Planning is always the 1st step of pursuing goals. Whether it is a business organization, an educational body, or an individual, setting objectives and trying to achieve them is en essential activity. Things well planned will be well executed. Majority of the productive people are good in planning. They very well know the fact that without a goal and a plan, they’re simply busy climbing a ladder that’s leaning against the wrong wall.

2) They anticipate obstacles:

anticipate obstacles

They always question themselves ‘What if?’ They anticipate the obstacles and come with alternative solutions even before executing the plan. Also they have a ‘Plan B’ which serves like an auxiliary engine in the airbus. Because productive people know that it is inevitable to avoid obstacles on their way and they have to be ready to face any kind of situation that’s waiting in the near future.

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3) They prioritize:


Anything and everything which is planned cannot be executed as it is. Some things may get delayed or not work as planned. They prioritize things according to their needs and suitable for their requirements. In spite of a million things to do, they identify and focus only on tasks which yield the highest value.

4) They write things down:

write things down

Highly productive people usually write down things and always update their To-do list. Nobody can remember and perform things always. Sometimes, even a good swimmer fails. Instead of keeping everything in their head, they put it in paper in order to organize their thoughts and make it actionable.

5) They review what worked:

review what worked

Highly productive people don’t simply act. They act based on relevant information and build their ideas on processes that are already going well. Knowing what’s working is nothing but knowing what your strength is. Highly productive people will effectively use their strength in all possible ways to get things done as per planned.

6) They recognize what didn’t work:

recognize what didn’t work

In the same way they also recognize what didn’t work. They review both the positive and negative sides equally. Only by fully acknowledging their mistakes, failures, or areas of improvement can they come with solutions that are effective and not just efficient.

7) They set boundaries:

set boundaries

For any task, they set boundaries. When it comes to allocating their hours, their energy levels and attention spans they are very clear. They say “no” to unimportant and non-urgent tasks. They respect their physical, emotional and mental limits. They take regular breaks, short naps and rest well. They have work-life balance thus setting boundaries and dividing time equally.

8) They ask important questions:

ask important questions

A question reveals a lot about a person’s intellect and potential for success. They question themselves and try finding out answers.

  • “What can I do?” and “what needs to be done?”
  • “How can I work smarter?”
  • “What can be improved?” and “what needs to be corrected?”

Questions like these keep running in their mind always and every time.

9)    They commit to continuous improvement:

continuous improvement

They clearly know the difference between enthusiasm and endurance. No one started out being productive right at the outset. The important distinction between highly productive and unproductive is the ability to keep improving and pushing forward. Therefore, they commit to continuous improvement and become better with every single day.

10) They know the difference between ‘IMPORTANT’ and ‘URGENT’:

difference between ‘IMPORTANT’ and ‘URGENT’

Smart people will understand this better. Everybody knows that things are important. But a very few are smart and understand that what to be done and when? If time and work demands they also multi-task and make sure things are done on time.

11) Rising early in the morning:

Rising early in the morning

‘Early to bed, early to rise’ this is one simple statement which all of us have learnt in the very beginning days of our schooling. Remember?  Yes, productive people always rise early and start with their work. Some also prefer meditating, exercising, yoga or a walk to maintain their physical fitness.

12) They never sleep until the work is done:

Their dreams and passion to their work never let them to sleep unless their desired job is done. They never take things lightly and always keep working for the betterment of their life in all possible ways. They walk an extra mile to transcend borders of every sort.

These are the 12 most common traits or habits of highly productive people. Anyone who wishes to become smarter, faster, more efficient will have to continuously evaluate themselves, read books and pursue other activities that help make them better and more productive.

Written By-

Basavakiran Auradkar

Team- ItsLyf

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12 Habits Of Highly Productive People

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