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Extreme Vehicles You Will not Believe Exist

Extreme Vehicles

Extreme Vehicles You Will not Believe Exist

In this article, we will take a brief look at some extreme machinery and technologies which never come into the mind of an individual before knowing about such pieces of perfect engineering. The list of some extreme vehicles is as follows:

1. Tricycle Ice :

Tricycle Ice

If you need a type of vehicle which can even travel on South-pole so this machine is best for those people. It is very strong and solid. Maria, a British lady who decided to cross south-pole on this bicycle, it was her childhood dream. Although, this machine is not at all appropriate for doing so but was designed for the same. Its wheels were designed in a way to provide maximum grip and its chin is greased with the help of anti-freeze material. It consists of an advanced transmission system with the help of which tricycle can move with more capacity in small efforts. This adventurous lady completed the journey of 800 kilometers in just 10 days.

2. Winston Wong Bio Biv :

Winston Wong Bio Biv

This vehicle is a little better to be moved on ice from one place to another. It is the first vehicle which is designed to run on ice by generating power from biofuel and was also used in Trans Antartica Expedition. This machine was made by a National University of Taiwan it shows resistance to the fast and cold winds of Antartica with the help of its effective functional design. This vehicle can attain a maximum speed of 135 kilometers per hour having a light and simple design. It moves on eco-friendly fuel and this helped a lot to research on sustainable fuel energy.

3. Cheburator:


This MPVS all-terrain vehicle having big wheels was designed in St. Petersburg, Russia. It can move on land and can also cross every worst path of the world. It can move on water because of its big balloon-like wheels and stub-shafts fitted on them. The last models of this vehicle are also capable to move on walls and can pass over other vehicles with a great ease. The experience of driving these vehicles is the same as driving a small monster truck.

4. Todoterreno Sutra :

Todoterreno Sutra

Some roads have very bad conditions and the 4 wheels on the vehicle are not capable to pass such kind of roads. This vehicle is really huge having a dimension of 8*8 feet and 10 individuals can sit in this vehicle at one time. With the help of its articulate system, it adapts every kind of path. This articulate system divides the vehicle into two parts, although this vehicle looks like it is carrying a wagon at the back side. The chassis of this vehicle is flexible and it is the main reason behind its success by making any unusual positions too.

5. SUV de Alambre Extreme :

SUV de Alambre Extreme

When it comes to the hurdles of the path no one can compete with it. This vehicle was basically made for the 4*4 competitions and it defeated all of the others in a way that the judges of the competition have to make a new category for this beast vehicle. This all-terrain vehicle consists of 4 independent wheels placed on vertical arms of 2-meters and with the help of this feature, this vehicle can cross any kind of hurdles on its way. Every shaft is controlled by the cabin of the driver to adjust the wheels according to the situation and condition of the roads.

6. Hammacher Schlemmer Hovercraft :

Hammacher Schlemmer Hovercraft

It is an amazing machinery. All credit goes to the American firm Hammacher Schlemmer that this model is still available in the market. It is an MPVS gliding vehicle which is yellow in color that can fly only for small distances at a maximum height of 15-meters above the water surface. It has 2 cylinder engines which generate 130 horsepower which is cooled using water. This vehicle can pass land obstacles and shallow water by simply flying over it with the highest speed of 100 kilometers per hour. It is amongst the very first flying cars in the market. Its cost is approximately Rs. 2 crores.

7. ATV Catco :

ATV Catco

These trucks are designed to transport fuel an heavy machinery and they go via Alaska. Their engine is very powerful and the main quality is their wheels which can be up to 14 in numbers which are not regular tiers at all, they are airbags which are designed to float over ice. These low-pressure airbag wheels help the truck to distribute its weight over a large area. The air pressure of these wheels can be adjusted by the driver from the cabin itself in order to adapt any uneven terrain. The material used in the rubber wheels provide it a freedom to cross ant hurdle without any kind of damage.

8. Halley Research Station :

Halley Research Station

Antarctica is surely an interest worthy place for scientists but because of the movement of glaciers, we need an infrastructure which can adapt to cold weather as well as the breaking ice. This station is a permanent base made in 1956. The Ozone layer depletion was detected by doing scientific research on the very same research station. Its last version Helly-4 is a unique futuristic structure with an innovative design that can bear freezing temperature. This facility is segmented into 8 modules and every module is placed on skeey-fitted hydraulic legs. The function of these legs is to prevent from the snow. these modules can also independently transferred to a new and safe place whenever needed.

It was about some extreme machinery and vehicles that are next to impossible to think about before going through this article but after reading about these extreme vehicles and they are the piece of absolute engineering. These extreme vehicles are able to cross the world’s scariest and hardest routes ever and some are designed to provide facilities in harsh weather and conditions.

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Written By–

Vaibhav Chauhan

(Team- ItsLyf)

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Extreme Vehicles You Will not Believe Exist

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