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Should there be an educational qualification for politicians to contest elections?

Indian Politicians

Should there be an Educational qualification for Politicians to contest Elections?

In short -NO.
With all due respect for all of the politicians, there are several Indian politicians who are highly educated with degrees from some of the prestigious institutes of the world like Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford whose achievements in governance amount to nothing. And on the other hand, there are several fabulous politicians with minimal or very little educational qualifications.
The quality which should be mainly focused upon is how do these politicians connect with the masses. Quintessentially, they should empathize with the people. The basic and whole idea of elections is to give this country a leader who can make acceptable and smart decisions. And there is no bachelor’s degree which inculcates smartness.
However, I am not saying that our leaders should not possess any knowledge. Just having a degree doesn’t mean that somebody is really educated, and therefore even if not a degree, then at least training them in few basic philosophies on which our country was formed and some basic knowledge of public administration and the current scenario and problems our country is facing.
So I am in favor of an institution that would make some kind of education for them and also teach them after they are elected. This way we can ensure they just don’t bunk parliamentary sessions or sit there drooling and sleeping.
Moreover, educational qualifications are not relevant for all kinds of jobs. For example:- the most important and essential qualification for selection in Indian cricket team is the ability to play cricket well and not some particular educational degree. Similarly the relevant ‘qualification’ for being a politician, an MLA or an MP is the ability to understand people’s needs, their concerns, problems and to represent their interests. Whether they can do so or not is examined by lakhs of voters.
What our country needs is men and women dedicated to the cause of the country.

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In stating that only educated deserve to be leaders are we not undermining the capability and intelligence of the unlettered?

To those who feel an education qualification is a must, I have this to say, how do you decide on the level of education that should be appropriate for a ministerial appointment? Where do you stop? Is it not true that even the most educated can at times behave like illiterates?

What ministers need is empathy, a will to serve and stand up in support of the right causes for the poor and needy persons of this country.
So in a nutshell audacity in action, flamboyance in speech and smartness in decisions should be the important parameters for politicians and not educational qualification.

What do you think- Should there be an educational qualification for politicians to contest elections? Share your valuable views in the Comment Box down below.

Written By-
Chandan Gupta

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Educational qualification for Politicians

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