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Crazy Stories from Indian History | Secrets of Indian History

Indian History

Crazy Stories from Indian History | Secrets of Indian History

In the past time, India was also known as the “Golden Bird”. And also the ancient civilizations of India talked about airplanes and the scientific discovery of an airplane was done in ancient India. So, how old is the Indian Civilization? We have heard about some huge civilizations like Greece, Rome, China. Genetics in our blood can give a scientific theory about how old Indian civilization is. A study on the genetics of Indians shows that the Indian Male lineage is present in the Indian subcontinent for the past fifty-five thousand years. “Haplogroup F” is a lineage in India, it is a patrilineal lineage and its time of origin is approximately fifty-five thousand years and this lineage is the ancestor lineage of more than 90% of non-African males across the country and it is originated in India.

Indian History-Even America cannot compete with The Harappan Civilization?

1. If we see the archaeological record of India, the oldest archaeological site ever discovered is at “Bhirana village” in Fatehabad district of Haryana and it is about 9.5 thousand years old. It is a part of the Harappan Era. If we have a look at the archaeological record of the Harappan civilization, we can find thousands of small cities and it was the world’s first completely urban civilization. They were well-planned cities organized according to the grid system. The drainage system of these towns was far better than the modern metropolitan city’s drainage system and also some multi-storage buildings were present that too around five or six thousand years ago which can not be found in any other part of the world. This was the world’s first fully urbanized and industrialized civilization because mining, manufacturing, and trade were also done at that time. Five thousand years ago in Indian History, when the Harappan Era was in maturity, China was not even started, people in Europe were living in the stone age and Egypt was just started. So, Indian civilization is the oldest known continuously existing civilization in the whole world.

2. In Indian History, Not only this, the oldest literature in the world is “Rigveda” which was also originated in India. In textbooks, we can see that Rigveda is around three thousand years old but this is not true because it has many references of a river named ‘Saraswati’ and it is presented as a very big river and according to geological records, Saraswati dried up approximately 3500 years ago. So clearly Rigveda was written at the time when this river was in full force as it is mentioned as “Mother of Floods” in it. A scientific journal named “Nature” is there and they have done a lot of scientific research about the Saraswati river and it is found that this river started drying after 6000 B.C. which means that this river is more than eight thousand years old and Rigveda is also of that time. Rigveda is the foundational document of our civilization and is written in “Vedic-Sanskrit” which is itself eight thousand years old at least and no other language in the world is not even close to it in terms of antiquity.

Some evidence of Dwarka was found in the ocean- Indian History

With the evidence that we get, it is very clear that not only in the Sapt Sindhu region but also near the Ganga river the civilization was present that is not discovered much gracefully yet. Some temples in the south part of Indian History are found under the very old sea and their age is not evaluated or determined yet. Dwarka in Gujarat was also a Harappan city and it is also around eight thousand years old. So slowly we are getting the evidence that like today whole Indian subcontinent is interconnected, in the same way, it was interconnected in the old civilization period also. This archaeological proof of Dwarka also increases the truthfulness of the “Mahabharata”.

No Aryan Invasion occurred?

1. It is said that around three and five thousand years ago, some white skin Europeans also called “The Aryans” invaded India, forced the Harappan civilization to settle down into the south part of the Indian subcontinent and they get settled down in the north part of India. But, recent theories claim that it was not the Aryans who invaded India but the people of old Indian civilization goes there. A specific male generation marker “R1A1A” is an extended family whose initialization occurred around twenty thousand years ago and the origin of this linage is in India but the concentration of this lineage is both in Europe and India that is why people dispute it and more research is going on in this thing and the output of the research will be out very soon.

2. There is a shred of genetic evidence that the origin of this lineage was in India and the linguistic evidence is that the oldest Indo-Europian language is Sanskrit. Also, there is no archaeological evidence of the Aryan Invasion. Genetically there is no evidence of Aryan Invasion also. But, there is a lot of evidence that we went out of India chronologically but this is not a popular theory.

Does France worship Goddess Kali?

1. In Europe, there is a small minority group called “Romani”. Some famous people from this Romani minority are Charlie Chaplin, Pablo Picasso, Elvis Presley. If we hear Romani language, it sounds like a combination of Rajasthani, Punjabi, Gujarati, or basically like a Western-Indian language and its origin is clearly in Sanskrit. There is a lot of Romani contribution in the last ten decades of European culture. Flamingo dance and music are Romani, the signature culture of Spain is also Romani. Many known people in Europe are Romani but they do not disclose this thing because there is exists a lot of persecution of Romani in Europe and other countries also.

2. The theory is that around one thousand years ago, Romani was forced to leave India because of the Turkish invasion and they took many Indians with them as their slaves through Afghanistan, that mountain range is nowadays known as “Hindu-Kush” because a lot of Hindus died there in the snow. And after some time, the Turkish realized that they can’t sustain these people in their country and forced them to leave Turkey as well and said them to go to the West and not back to India. Since that time these Romani people went astray. This theory is given by Ian Hancock, a Romani scholar.

3. They follow the religion of the country in which they live but Indian culture is embedded in them. For example, there is a statue of Romani virgin Mary and they call it “Kali Sara” and once a year they took that statue and take it to the ocean and then took it back after dipping it in the ocean. It is a great resemblance with the Kali Pooja ritual of India and the people are trying their best to preserve their culture despite being in some other country.

Does Japan worship Lord Ganesha?

Lord Ganesha

1. We all have heard about Rome that which was a great empire and they conquer a huge amount of land. But, there is no that much recognition given to the “Chola Empire”. Chola Dynasty was in power for 1500 years (from 300 B.C. to 1200 A.D.), no other dynasty in the world has been in power for that long. It was one of the greatest dynasties of the Indian civilization and was somewhere around Tamil Nadu and Rajendra Chola was the greatest king of this dynasty. Now, the specialty of this dynasty is that they conquered complete South-East Asia including Sri Lanka, Maldives, Burma, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

2. Chola dynasty spread Hinduism and Sanskrit in the whole region. Today, Indonesia is a Muslim country but the names of people there are influenced by Sanskrit and Hinduism. China was also having the Indian influence until the time communists took over. Japan is also influenced by the Chola Dynasty and Hinduism. In Japan, they worship a goddess named “Benzaiten”, it is nothing different from the Goddess Saraswati of India and they also worship Lord Ganesha.

How Indian History converted into Mythology

1. Organized education was started in India. There were many huge universities in India with thousands of students and essentially the education system of India was concentrated inside temples. So, temples were not only the place to pray but they were also the place to gain knowledge. A researcher named Dharampal, in the 19th century (the same time when the British education system was being imposed in India) statistically showed that the literacy rate in India was almost 100% at that time irrespective of gender, caste and it was spread all over India. Traditionally, the backbone of the Indian education system was the temples located in each village.

2. There were many great universities in India like Takshashila, Nalanda, Tilhara, Sharda Peeth, Vikram Sheela and the list goes on. These universities were state-funded and the Raja used to fund these universities and not a single penny was taken from the students. Even people from other countries like China came to India for studies. There was no barrier to knowledge in India and it was free to all. Takshashila now in Pakistan is the world’s oldest known university and it is at least 2600 years old or maybe even older.

3. When Bakhtiyar Khilji destroyed Nalanda University. He set fire to the library of the university and it took few months for it to cool down. Hence, we can imagine the number of books present there must be above millions. Every written record of Indian civilization was burned off and the only word to mouth remained. And then the British invaded and said that the word to mouth history of India is just myths because there were no written records or evidence left till that time. This is how history became a myth in India.

Conspiracy theory regarding the death of Subhash Chandra Bose

subhash chandra bose death

 1. Officially, it was said that he died in a plane crash that occurred in the Formosa region (nowadays Taiwan) and his cremation ceremony was done in Japan but there is no eye witness of his cremation. Also, the record of Taiwan does not have the incidents of that particular plane crash, and a person named “Gumnami Baba” in India was there whose face and handwriting exactly match that of Subhash Chandra Bose.

2. So clearly it is a conspiracy to suppress his history after 1947, Subhash Chandra Bose was a very powerful and magnetic personality and he has the power to transform the whole country if he got the chance in any way but the British people hate him because he fought with them militarily. What exactly happened is still unknown because the records are not made public by the government of India but it is very clear that he didn’t die in Taiwan and most likely Gumnami Baba was Subhash Chandra Bose and he died in Northern India after independence.

Our civilization is the world’s oldest continuing civilization. There is no other ethnic or cultural group that is being unchanged from the past ten thousand years. We were under invasion for a very long time, after all this our culture is still alive. We are a great civilization, and it is not written in a textbook, it can be found if you do an in-depth analysis of Indian history.

Crazy Stories from Indian History | Secrets of Indian History

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