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Benefits of Digital Printing for Packaging and Displays

Benefits of Digital Printing for Packaging and Displays

Digital printing is a process in which the digital image gets printed on a substrate. If you print a picture on a piece of paper using your own personal computer and a printer, you are undergoing digital printing. It has become a common practice at the home and at the workplace for many people and businesses. At bigger scale, the large-format laser or ink printers are used to handle high volume printing projects with mass production. As compared to other traditional ways of printing, the laborious printing set up is not required for it and therefore they are ideally suited for high-quality packaging needs.

Benefits of Digital Printing

Benefits of Digital Printing for Packaging and Display:

The benefits of digital printing have brought it forward to the packaging sector. It is considered ideal especially for small and medium print runs. Moreover, it opens the way towards customized packaging and attractive displays. In such a competitive world, such packaging is needed which makes a high impact in a short time. Digital printing is the best in this regard which can package new products economically, thus increasing its demands by leaps and bounds. Some of its benefits for which it is highly preferred for packaging and display are as follows:

1. High-Quality Results:

Digital printing has a universal application with the capability to produce high-quality results on any rigid or flexible material like cloth, paper, wood, cardboard or even metal, etc. Therefore, it is considered ideal in packaging and display industry. A4 color and white processes with spot varnish enable to generate creative and unique packaging. Depending on the application needed, various techniques can be applied to produce a better print quality and improve saturation.

2. Enhances Attractiveness:

Packaging is one of the first channels which gain consumer attraction. But for this, your packaging and display should be enticing enough to make to make your product stand out on shelves. All such objectives can be successfully attained by using digital printing. With the help of it, the business owners can produce a variety of packaging designs with ever faster product cycle even for a smaller lot size.

Benefits of Digital Printing

3. Quick Turnaround:

Digital printing helps businesses to meet diversified challenges by optimizing their production as compared to traditional methodologies. A digital print is almost 10-14 days faster than a conventional printing process with enhanced output and a short set up time. It works well for short runs like samples, mockups, and fast selling products with a quick turnaround. It reduces waste, saves time and money, and help in reducing overrun percentages. This can result in less packaging getting obsolete while staying in inventory.

4. Cost Effective:

Digital printing is a highly cost-effective packaging solution especially for the customers who are willing to find an alternative to traditional offset printing. It requires no die-cut tool driven process or other printing plates which can prove an extra upfront expense for a customer or for small-scale businesses. It is well suited to small or medium print runs because of a low set up cost. Digital printing opens the way towards professional brand protective packaging and in-store displays using custom print without managing large production set-ups. It is flexible as you do not have to place a large consolidated order of print runs or spend an extra effort to hold high stock level. Thus, the owner has a full chance to optimize their supply chain with digital printing. Therefore, digital printed packaging, labels and displays have become popular in this fast-growing market.

5. Speed to Market:

With the fast-growing market challenges, time is money, and if you take a longer time to serve your customer, there is an excellent chance that he never returns to you. Even in the case of packaging, traditional methods can take weeks to get the printer and other processes ready. Whereas, depending on the packaging design and type, digital printing can bring your product to your door in just a few days.

6. Ease of Customization:

A digital platform allows a wide range of customization options to its customers with the ability to change a copy on per item basis. Offset printing prints the plate’s content on the printing material which cannot be altered afterward without changing the plate. Whereas by using digital printing, each unit can be customized without much hassle. Various packaging designs and custom display boxes can be fully customized as per customer requirements. For example, a name can be changed on each printing piece to personalize it accordingly. It also allows for perfect tweaking of colors to get exact results.

Benefits of Digital Printing

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