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Art as a Therapy

Art as a Therapy

Art as a Therapy

As an artist, I, Shreya Kalra wants to share my views on Art as a Therapy. Our nation seems like it’s always in the grips of stress and epidemic. Stress and anxiety are disorders that affect more people than ever before. In today’s time it is very common to see people around you with lot of stress and anxiety. According to 76% of those individuals suffering from stress, money and work are the leading cause of their condition. Workplace stress can lead to physical and psychological systems at its worse. Just to get rid of stress and anxieties people start consuming alcohol sometime they find some other way to get rid of these problems, the right way to get rid of this is to get close to “ART”.  Click to see my SHREYA’S artwork also – “God always win over evil” and “Miniature Paintings” .

Now you’ll be thinking how art can be the solution to your problems? Well, yes it can be the biggest therapy for you all people who are just finding one or other way to come out of their problems.

“Art is anything you get away with…!”

Art Therapy can be massively beneficial in helping to deal with workplace stress and process the emotions involved. Intensively focusing on any activity is that creating Art, concentrating on a hobby, i.e. even reading a book can help you temporarily relieve stress by distracting and refocusing the mind at least for a while and that too on the right path.

You don’t even have to be an artist to enjoy the benefits of art in fact the artistic results of your endeavours and secondary to the emotional benefits that you can reap.

Art Therapy encourages creativity and self expression, sensations that are generally suppresses and not expressed in the conventional workplace. It can however be used to counter those negative emotions that are experienced within workplace. Art therapy is a portable form of Therapy and one can practice alone without the support of a therapist.

People under stress finding some or the other way to get rid of their tension like music, drawing, painting, singing and dancing etc can be a solution to your problems

     “Art speaks where words are unable to explain…!”

Just give yourself a chance to come out of stress and anxiety. Let Art be the biggest medicine to your problems…….Let the world know that yes every problem has a solution and the solution to your problem through art is something that you can enjoy and do ….Just express yourself ….and live a happy life ..!

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Shreya Kalra(Team Itslyf)



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