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Are We in a Computer Simulation?

Computer Simulation

Are We in a Computer Simulation?

At night, when we see the uncountable stars in the sky, a question arise in all of our mind that how adorable is our universe and how such kind of universe was established? Scientists believe that all this started from a single point in the space that emitted all particles and energies in the form of a very big blast which is also known as ‘Big Bang’.

But what if I say that this beautiful world, in which we all are living is not real? The Earth, our Galaxy, this Universe, nothing is real! What if we came to know that this world, in which we can do whatever we want, we can go wherever we want and it seems that we are doing it all by ourselves but what if it was already planned?

Actually, the world that we were thinking is a real world, we are going to put up a question on it. In real, it is just a computer simulation i.e a computer designed world that is designed by a very knowledgeable civilization and we are just a part of program written in computer simulation. In this article we will be going to have a look on such reasons that make us confused that is this world real or just a computer program?

1. The Multiverse :

Computer Simulation

Most of the people know about the ‘Parallel Universe Conspiracy’. In quantum mechanics, there are many evidence for the same. Many people believes that it is right but in views of others, its just a rumor. If somehow, we came to know how that how space and time works and what’s after the third dimension so we can easily prove that there is a thing like parallel universe. But, according to simulation theory, parallel universe is a theory that is inside itself. To handle that much big project, simulation are launched at different time so that the main computer on which the simulation is going on cannot crash.

2. Time Travel Simulation :

Time Travel Simulation

Hypothetically, the civilization which is stimulating us is very much advance. It may also believe that this civilization is in danger because of global warming, steroidal attacks an artificial intelligence and they just want to have some experience of life on the planet Earth. If it is not possible to live on Earth in real, they are just living it on their computers.

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3. Earth’s Conspicuous Conditions :

Computer Simulation

Have ypu ever thought that how everything is very perfect on Earth for life? It may also be a reason that it is designed in a manner to make the life easy. The Earth is approximately 150 million kilometers far away than the Sun which is a perfect distance in order to have a perfect temperature on the surface of earth. The sun is providing light and heat in a perfect proportion and the earth revolving around the sun all this is programmed. According to a theory, we are not programmed by any human being or it may also happen that some other civilization has programmed all of us in order to see that how a species like humans can lead their life.

4. Limitations of Reality :

Computer Simulation

We all know that the speed of light is 3 lakhs kilometers per second and no accelerating or moving particle can be more fast than light. But why any moving article cannot exceed the speed of light? Scientists do not have any answer for this question. Now, many of you will say that photons of light are mass-less particle and inertia is also not applicable on it and this is the reason that why no particle can exceed the speed of light. But, many scientists have denied this fact and there are many laws in the world which are only applicable within some limits. If all this is under simulation then it i possible that these limitations are because of the device on which the simulation is going on.

5. The Fermi Paradox :

The Fermi Paradox

In 1950, a physicist, Andrico Fermi shown an argument that in the whole universe, there exists millions of stars and a few billion planets to move around them so why we are not approached till yet by anyone from other planet or why they don’t contact us people. I there no such species in any of those planet advanced than us and they have found any technology to travel to new world. If it is so, then why no one contacted humans on Earth. According to simulation theory, the system in which simulations going on is only for the creatures present on Earth.

6. The Game Of Life :

Computer Simulation

In 1970, a British mathematician, John Conway developed a game which was name as ‘The Game of Life’ having basically 4 rules which can be easily seen by searching for game of life on the browser. This game was played in a huge number of two dimensional boxes. The main aim of this game was to survive keeping in mind the 4 rules. Players use different patterns in this game in order to survive and by using these rules and having a lot of practice they even developed another game inside this game so that they can never die. On the basis of this game, John said that like the game, a computer can also do everything by an algorithm and the first generation video games were also developed using the very same principle.

7. Simulation Glitches :

Computer Simulation

In the most advanced and bug testing system of this era, there exists a small error or bug. This is believed that the things that humans are not able to understand till yet are due to the bug of that system on which this whole simulation is going on and as soon as this bug is corrected, we can easily find out the reality of those things. Paranormal activities, that are not even understandable by scientific terms can also be one of the system bugs. It can also be true that the things we call aliens are none other than a system virus.

8. It may be Unavoidable :

Computer Simulation

Many big scientists stated that with the help of virtual reality and artificial intelligence we can possibly develop a virtual world where we can do many kind of research such as how to use our weapons in any bad situation. And after the release of such thing, everyone of us want to see themselves in their own simulation. So why it can not be true that the other civilization has already developed so much and they have made a simulation in which we are present and are trying to make simulation inside a simulation.

So, these were some of the reasons that somewhere tells that we are just part of a computer simulation and it is not a real world. What you think about it after going through these points or reasons. It is a very debatable and re-searchable topic on which a huge number of scientists are still working. Let’s see what will be the result of their result – reality or just a simulation.

Written By–

Vaibhav Chauhan

(Team- ItsLyf)

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Are We in a Computer Simulation?

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