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Perception of Modern Alpha Male

Perception of Modern Alpha Male

Alpha, this term has become such a craze for most of the men of this digital era with numerous image consultants, influencers and fitness professionals ruling the internet with their own brands and creating multiple franchises under their banner. But how far is this Alpha different from the conventional meaning of a mad and angry man who overpowers his women on numerous occasions? Has the term evolved according to the modern thoughts of equality and created the quality of self-criticism?

The answers are fifty-fifty for both the questions and here is why. The men of today still lack the tendency to accept criticism and definitely lack the mentality to accept women as an equal half of this society. Instead of talking about wage gaps and stereotypes, let me give you two practical examples based on real events.


It was a book fest in a city where there was a function for the launch of a book. The key things to note here is the Author of that book, the Chief Guest and the Guests on the dais were all women and the audience was comprised mostly by men. Their feministic thoughts that they spoke on the stage were replied with huge acts of ignorance and a harsh behavior. This event was followed by a man, who happens to an author himself, made this statement, when a woman who passed by:

“It’s because of these kinds of dresses that this society is distorted”

So was it the lady’s fault to write a book that depicts her struggles in front of a masculine crowd or was it the woman’s fault to wear a short skirt that the man found it obscene to his eyes? Neither of those women was to blame and for most those who read, know that this attitude that is filled with hatred and misogyny cannot be accepted in this society. Then where did we go wrong? Character and behavior cannot be taught through words and through visual art. Yes they can create an impact but not strong enough to persuade them viewer to bring a change in himself. What is required here is the practice of this virtue in the early stages of life.

Another problem within the male community that should be eradicated at all costs is the inferiority complex of physique and complexion. If the propaganda is to provide a healthy lifestyle and not to have cardiac problems for instances, that would be appreciable. In the name of providing value to the masculine community, people shame those who are fat and treat them as some alien that has arrived from Mars if they have a relatively darker complexion.

If you rewind your life a little backwards, you will witness this one-sidedness over size and color dates back to them when people are born in their ward where the first person to see you as an infant checks out whether you are fair or dark. I believe that equating the word fair to lighter complexion is the greatest sin that mankind has ever committed. You do not have to state that the darker are the less privileged as calling someone fair, passively signals that the darker one to be inferior.

Men who are fat or even have some form of loose muscle are body shamed and this has a concrete base as movies have depicted these in a wrong manner on multiple occasions. The people who we have considered as role models have failed in these areas as this continues to affect people of all strata. This inferiority complex creates the lack of self-confidence where men are fooled by the images that they find on TV commercials before and now even tactically lured with the words of fairness and fitness.

The idea of the modern Alpha has changed parallel to the thoughts of equality but has changed so little that it has been able to reach to few people. The idea that men need to be fit and have a fairer complexion have crossed the stages where even women do not take these into consideration when they approach any man. This thought of creating the best version among men should so accurate that it should create men, who embrace everyone irrespective of gender, sexuality, size and color.

Written By–

Yuvaraj R

(Team- ItsLyf)

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Perception of Modern Alpha Male

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