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8 Longest Aircraft In The World

Longest Aircraft in World

8 Longest Aircraft In The World

By the invention of airplanes, they have revolutionized the transportation of the whole world. These big machines are used in military operations, cargo and as well as public transportation. They are pretty similar to the big whales that know how to fly…!!! It is the most effective, comfortable and fastest mode of transportation.

8 Longest Aircraft in the World starting from the back are as follows:

8. Tupolev TU-160 :

Tupolev TU-160

This airplane is also known as ‘White Swan’ for its color and smoothness. This 54 meters long aircraft is the longest, heaviest airplane of its kind and this is the reason why it owns a record of ‘World’s Fastest Strategic Bomber‘ with the longest range of bombs. This supper plane does not have any kind of defensive weapon that is why when it flew, some long-range fighter planes give it a cover. It has its own GPS jamming system and anti-satellite weapons. This is the last strategic bomber of Soviet design that started flying in 1987. It even operates for Russian Airforce till now. Its maximum speed is 2220 kmph.

7. Airbus Beluga XL:

Airbus Beluga XL

It is considered to be as World’s Biggest Cargo Plane in the world. It looks like a Dolphin. Beluga XL is 6 meters long and 1 meter wider than the previous model because of which the load capacity of cargo increases. The cabin and cargo warehouse’s internal structure has been redesigned in order to increase the storage capacity of the plane. Before going to fly, it still has to pass a few tests. In this aircraft, Rolls Royce Trent 700 engine which gives appropriate power to this 63-meter long airplane. The company is trying to make this plane fly by the end of the year 2019.

6. Antonov AN-124 :

Antonov AN-124

There is no doubt that Antonov AN-124 is a huge airplane and it also looks like a monster flying in the sky. It is one of the biggest aircraft in the world. It was first flawed in 1982. These planes are used to carry trains and other huge engineering pieces from one place to another. Its storage capacity is equal to 150 tons. This aircraft is capable of transporting 88 passengers and its total length is 69 meters with the highest speed of 865 kmph. But after the breakdown of Soviet Union, the production of this plane was stopped and the under-construction models were completed between 2001 to 2004.

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6. 8 Longest Aircraft In The World

5. Stratolaunch Systems:

Stratolaunch Systems

After years of development, a company by Paul Allen, who is also a founder of Microsoft has introduced this rocket launcher aircraft. This insane 73-meter long plane has 2 cabins with a 177-meter wide wingspan. It has a total load capacity of 22.6 tons. Without cargo, its weight is 227 tons and it can fly with a carrying load of 600 tons also. This plane can fly up to an altitude of 10 km when it reaches the maximum altitude, it launches the cargo in the orbit and then comes back. Its first flight was planned in 2016 but unfortunately, it cannot be done at that time. People belonging to the company stated that it will start flying in 2019 and the first commercial flight is now planned in 2020.

4. Airbus A350-1000:

This plane, that is a bit more than 73 meters is the most extended version of the Airbus family. It can transport 440 passengers at a time which are 50 more in numbers as compared to the previous model of Airbus. It has a maximum fuel capacity of 1 lakh 56 thousand liters. Airbus has stated that the fuel consumption of this aircraft is 25% lesser than the rival companies. It can fly about 14,800 km in one go. It consists of some luxury facilities like switch seats which can be converted into double beds whenever needed along with some modern interiors which provide full comfort to the passengers to travel long distances. A total expenditure of 11 billion Euro has taken place in this project.

3. Lockheed C-5 Galaxy :

Lockheed C-5 Galaxy

Galaxy C-5 is the biggest transport aircraft used for the American airforce. It is designed by the Lockheed company and its operations were started in 1968. Its total length is 75 meters which provides a good cargo capacity to transport some fully equipped military systems including Combat Tanks. This plane is used for US military operations and is to help the armed forces during any kind of war attacks.

2. Boeing 747-8:

Boeing 747-8

The total length of this aircraft is a  bit more than 76 meters from its nose to tail which makes it ‘The World’s Largest Passenger Plane’. The new model of Boeing is developed from the old model 747. It is designed with present technologies and streamlining. Its technology is a bit different having a different engine and raised wings which helps to reduce noise pollution as well as harmful emissions while flying. It performs better and is also light in weight, it also easy to maintain. The model used for passengers can transport 467-581 passengers at a time which depends on some specific characteristics. It can fly about 15,000 km without any refueling.

1. AirLander-10 :


If we see it technically, it is not the airplane but is a proper invention to be on this list as it is World’s Longest Aircraft. This is a hybrid of helicopter and machine plane. It is the first generation of silent aircraft which is energy efficient as well as environment-friendly. This airship is filled with Helium having 4 diesel engines which provide a total power of 355 horsepower. The cargo capacity of this aircraft is 10,000 kg and can fly at 500 meters height. The maximum speed of this 92 meters long aircraft is 150 kmph. It is profitable for patrolling purposes and for scientific research also.

This was the list of World’s Longest Aircrafts which is very interesting if one has gone through it thoroughly. It includes Airbuses, military carriage Airplanes, Airbuses and hence almost every kind of Aircraft are present in it. It is normal if one feels to try at least one of them after reading the whole list…..!!!!

Written By–

Vaibhav Chauhan

(Team- ItsLyf)

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8 Longest Aircraft In The World

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