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8 Extreme Hacks for Students to Focus & Concentrate Better

8 Extreme Hacks for Students to Focus & Concentrate Better

8 Extreme Hacks for Students to Focus and Concentrate Better

These hacks will help the students to focus and concentrate better on their studies. Now you will be thinking, Why focusing and concentrating is a big problem in today’s world? It is because in the world we are living in, there is an enormous number of things going on around us at a rapid speed that we always feel distracted. So how to concentrate properly? Everyone says concentrate but no one tells you how to concentrate..! Our parents and teachers generally tell us to concentrate on our studies, concentrate on homework, but the real question is “How to Concentrate?”.

Some 8 Extreme Hacks for Students to Focus and Concentrate Better on studies are given below that will also be beneficial to achieve success in your academic life.

Hack 1: Turn Off Your Notifications

Every time we start doing something important that requires our concentration, a notification appears on the screen of our smartphones, and all our focus is then shifted toward the gadgets. Why we are so attracted to notifications? It is because whenever a notification comes, a dopamine rush takes place in our minds that makes us excited to see what is new in that notification. And because of the dopamine, we slowly get very much addicted that even if there is no notification in our gadgets, we will check for them regularly. So, do a favor to yourself and turn off the notifications whenever you start studying.

Hack 2: Practice

Our mind is also like our muscles so if we practice something regularly, it becomes a new normal to our mind. It is also a known fact that if you perform a certain task regularly for 21 days then it comes to your habit. Whether it’s waking up late, reading books, using smartphones, or any other activity. Exactly the same way we remain in distracted mode 7 days a week, it has become a new normal for us to be distracted. To break this habit we have to go into a concentrated mode and to do so we have to practice concentration for at least 21 days.

Hack 3: Morning Sets the Mood of the Entire Day

We all are aware of the fact that the whole day depends on the start of the morning that we had. So it is very essential to work on our morning routine. Now you would be thinking that what we can do in the morning so that our whole day went productive? The easiest and most necessary tasks to do are meditation and exercises. Meditation generally gathers all your distracting thoughts in one place, an enormous number of thoughts that are being generated by our mind every second are gathered and meditation makes us the viewer of all those things that are happening and by the help of this, we can easily differentiate the useful and useless thoughts. Some exercises that one can do to increase their concentration power are:

  1. Tree Pose
  2. Bhramari
  3. Pranayam
  4. Focusing on one point

Hack 4: Study During the Same Hours Everyday

If you study at the same time every day then your mind itself gets switched from the distracted mode to the concentrated mode at that particular period of time and thus you will not have much difficulty focusing your mind on your studies. Hence productivity is also increased. Also, make sure that you choose a time slot when the distraction in your surroundings is the least.

Hack 5: Distraction Sheet

It is a sheet that you will prepare with the thoughts that came to your mind while studying and the things or works you think about while studying. Write all these works on this sheet for that time and don’t be distracted by them at that moment of time. Any other work other than studying must be noted on the distraction sheet and once your study session is over, then you can complete and handle all these works. In this way, no interruption will occur in the time period you are focusing on your studies.

Hack 6: Being Relaxed

In today’s scenario, when everyone is tensed, confused, and anxious about something, it is very hard to be focused on one thing. To have better concentration, it is important to relax your mind and if you want to relax your mind then you can practice doing coloring. Yes, you read it right..! It is psychologically proven that if you do Mandala coloring for some time, it will relax your mind to great extent. Hence it will help you concentrate better on your studies.

Hack 7: Present Moment Awareness

Generally, when we are trying to focus on one thing, then our mind gets deviated because we often start thinking about our past or future. You can easily concentrate your mind by doing a simple activity that will take only 5 minutes of your precious time. You just have to recall the names of:

  • 5 things that you can see
  • 4 things that you can touch
  • 3 things that you can smell
  • 2 things that you can taste

By doing so, you are bringing all your senses back on concentration, and focusing on studies becomes much easier when you have all your senses in one place.

Hack 8: Stay Away from Multi-tasking

If you are eating something while studying or listening to songs while driving, all these things make you distracted, and hence it is not at all recommended to do multi-tasking because as a student is will harm your concentration. If you grasp this art of doing one thing at a time then it will become easier to you to focus and concentrate in a better way.

8 Extreme Hacks for Students to Focus and Concentrate Better

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