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2018 iPhone 11 LEAKS!

2018 iPhone 11 Leaks

2018 iPhone 11 Leaks: For 2018,Apple looks to be reducing the size of the notch and the next generation of iPhone to be more sleeker than the present model as the iPhone X couldn’t do very nice. it looks as if Apple may be going all-in on Face ID. The rumor mill — started by influential analyst Ming-Chi Kuo and corroborated by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman — pegs two larger-screen models on deck: a 6.5-inch OLED and a 6.1-inch LCD handset. The latter might strip a few features — such as 3D Touch and the dual rear camera — to come in at a price point lower than the current iPhone X.

That model, meanwhile, may be discontinued, based on rumors that orders for its 5.8-inch OLED screens are ramping down.

Whether Apple eventually unveils two or three new iPhones come September — and no matter what they’re called — there are plenty of features we’d like to see in the new models. Here are our top priorities — along with our guess on the likelihood of each one being implemented in the top-end model.

Features list

Face id

Using the Face ID feature, the iPhone X works pretty well but it’s still generally not as fast or smooth as the current iteration of Touch ID. In addition to a speed bump, it would be great if Face ID for 2018 could work at wider angles and different orientations of the device. Better performance in bright sunlight would be optimal, too.

Water Resistance

This time it is expected that apple would bring in the improved IP68 water and dust resistance in the new iPhone 11 2018. We can guess this as apple has patented many technologies regarding water resistance for ports and buttons this year.

USB Type-C Charging Ports

Plenty of people would get upset if Apple switched from its Lightning port to a USB Type-C Connection, which is gradually becoming the standard for other phones (and laptops, including Apple’s own line of MacBooks). But swapping out the rectangular USB-A connector on the iPhone charger that comes in the box — while leaving Lightning on the phone — would mean that Apple users could charge their iPhones from their new MacBooks without needing an adapter. Apple does sell one of these cables, but you have to pay extra for it. And if they had the right power adapter, they could also charge their phones more quickly.

New Processors

Apple has consistently improved the iPhone’s graphics capabilities with each new iteration, and not surprisingly, we’ve come to expect a performance boost, and would be disappointed if we didn’t get one, though we’d sacrifice some power in favor of a big battery boost.

Pricing and launch

If Apple follows its usual schedule, we’ll see new iPhones announced in early September. For last year’s 10th anniversary of Apple’s hugely influential device, we got the totally new — and totally expensive — iPhone, with its edge-to-edge OLED display, distinctive top center notch and Face ID instead of a familiar Touch ID fingerprint home button.

If you guys were worried about Apple’s exceeding the thousand dollar mark you don’t have to be worried more as the renders say that the new iPhone this year would be priced significantly lower than iPhone X. The LCD models this year would go around $700+. Furthermore, the refreshed 5.8″ OLED (11)

could be priced at $899($100 cheaper than current iPhone X) and the larger 6.5″ OLED could be offered at the price of $999- this would effectively lower the average ASP’s buut we think will drive a stronger unit growth.


We can’t confirm anything as it would be very early to mention something but as of now this is the most precise information that we can give you guys about 2018 iPhone 11.

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