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10 Fighter Jets That Changed The World

Fighter Jets That Changed The World

10 Fighter Jets That Changed The World

Aircraft is basically referred to a machine that is capable of flying in the sky by gaining some support from the air. Common examples of aircraft are helicopters, airships, and airplanes.

“Fighter Jet is very powerful military aircraft which is specially designed to attack other Aircrafts”.

The Top 10 Fighter Jets that changed the world are:

1. Gripen:


Sweden’s fighter jet Gripen is one of the most famous fighter jets of the world. It is much better than FA-18 Superhornet and Rafel (1st generation). It is capable of aiming accurately in every harsh condition. After seeing the accuracy of Gripen, Brazil has increased the preference on Rafel and FA-18. Its feature of getting added in the army is adding up to its importance. One one hand, this jet attacks with very high speed but on another hand, it can also land on just 25 meters broad strip of land. The most important feature of Gripen is its very low maintenance cost. According to some experts, this can be made ready by 8 technicians for the next fly in just half an hour. This jet is very far in the line as compared to its competitors in European countries.

2. Tejas:


Made in India, this 2 seater jet has made its place in the list of world’s most insane fighter jets. With a help of a new technique, this jet is able to complete all needs of Indian forces. It can be included both in airforce and navy. It is very light in weight and is capable of attacking with a lightning speed. Every other country is scared by the capabilities of Tejas. It has been added in the Indian airforce and it is able to aim at any target in the world. It can reach Pakistan from India in just 15 minutes flying at a low altitude. Nuclear missiles and bombs will be added on it in future. The most important characteristics of Tejas is that it can fly anytime in any condition.

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5. Top 10 Fighter Jets That Changed The World

3. F-15 Eagle:

F-15 Eagle

It been a part of America’s air force and 4 other countries for a long duration of time. This jet can destroy its targets in a few seconds only. It is declared as the king of 4th generation fighter planes. It has been gone through lots of tests and proved itself. Its power can be understood by the fact that when America attacked Iraq in the era of Saddam Hussain, then their air force denied flying against ‘F-15 Eagle’. America destroyed whole Iraq within a very short period of time. F-15 Eagle made a huge amount of destruction against Labia, Iraq, and Afghanistan while giving cover to there army.

4. Euro fighter Typhoon:

Euro fighter Typhoon

Made by European-union countries such as Germany, Italy, Spain and Britain contributive. It can attack in any kind of weather and conditions. In 2011, during the Lebia attacks, it has raised the bars fighting from the side of France and Italy. In the whole world, almost 22 countries are using this fighter jet. It consists of its very own radar system which helps to fly safely from many kinds of attacks. It cost only half of the F-22 Raptor. Although it is cheaper than many best fighter jets have performed in very difficult operations perfectly.

5. Sea-Harrier:


Made for the British army, Sea-harrier is the best fighter jets amongst all 3rd generation fighter aircraft. During the Auckland war and any other tensed situations, this fighter jet proved itself to a great extent. It is capable of hitting the targets on land by taking-off from sea platform also. It can hit all targets in the world with the medium of water-ships. At the time of Auckland war, these jets have destroyed 20 fighter jets of the enemies. Indian army is still using this fighter jet.

6. F-22 Raptor:

F-22 Raptor

By updating some important features of Lockheed Martin, this raptor is world’s fastest plane which cannot be even traced by radar systems. It can reach the target in any corner of the world in very less time. America is very proud of this aircraft that they even passed a special law according to which they can not sell this aircraft to any other country of the world. Its old model Lockheed Martin is also very costly that the countries who want to buy it can not pay for it. It will remain the best-in-class fighter plane until 30 years in the future.

7. Dassault Rafale:

Dassault Rafale

Made by Dassault Aviation, this fighter plane is the major part of France’s air force. It is loaded up with all new techniques including the nuclear weapons. It has proved itself in the attacks of Lebia and Afghanistan. It also consists of its own radar system which shows the enemy location. This jet has been also included in Indian airforce. It has 3 models: single seater, double seater, and Rafel. It is one of the world’s powerful fighter aircraft.

8 Chengdu J-10:

Chengdu J-10

Presently, it the best aircraft owned by the Chinese Air force. It is also owned by Pakistan and is named ‘Thunder’ there. It is capable of attacking in all rough situations with a very high accuracy. Chengdu J-10 has laser guided as well as satellite guided bombarding system which increases the accuracy of its attacks. It can attack many targets in a single fly. Nowadays, Chinese army and airforce are using approximately 400 Chengdu fighter aircraft of which, 1 jet has been given to the Pakistan airforce.

9. T-50 Sukhoi PAK-FA:

T-50 Sukhoi PAK-FA

Made by the cooperation of both India and Russia, these fighter plane will result to be the best in the 5th generation aircraft. This jet is available in 2 classes: single seater and double seater. Only by listening to the name of T-50 Sukhoi, many enemy countries have been scared of it because it will increase the independence of India and Russia in the field of aviation. It can not be traced by any kind of radar system. After the release of this jet, India and Russia will become able to hit any target placed at any corner in the world.

10. F-35 Lightning:

F-35 Lightning

Technically best, this fighter jet is the most dangerous fighter aircraft till yet. Its new technology makes it best amongst all the fighter planes of the world. It is developed by America as the next generation of Raptor fighter plane. America will be providing these aircraft to many strong countries of the world such as Australia, Israel, Japan and South Korea for which the deals have been already done. This plane is capable of doing attacks anywhere in the world in a single fly. It can not be stopped by any existing techniques. These are only available in a small amount of 150 on behalf of which America is the strongest county in the field of fighter aircraft systems.

All the above-mentioned fighter jets are the world’s strongest and best ever which are giving the best possible help to their respective owner countries to be safe and to destroy the attacks of there enemies. So, there is no doubt that these fighter aircraft can even be changed by someone else.

Written By–

Vaibhav Chauhan

(Team- ItsLyf)

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Fighter Jets That Changed The World

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